Let’s talk about vegetarianism. No wait, veganism. Hold on, what about pescatarianism…oh wait, let’s not forget to mention flexitarianism. If you have an inkling to turn the page, do it now (or hear me out). Living in Australia in the 21st century can be seen as a wonderful thing. We lead relatively (sometimes VERY) comfortable […]

The fact that I haven’t blogged in what seems like forever should have pointed to the fact that a BIG post was coming up. It’s so typical of bloggers to give their readers a clichéd excuse as to why they haven’t been updating but at the end of the day – we are all people […]

Why, hello there! I’m back from India! I have a huge post coming up soon on my weird, wonderful, crazy, phenomenal (every other adjective imagineable) adventure into the land of temples, rickshaws, bucket showers and whatnot. I started work literally a day after I arrived and have not had time to edit and prettify my […]

Hellooo! This post was a LONG time coming indeed. I have so much to tell but at the risk of being an epically-oversharing blog, I’ll just outline the bare bones of all the things that are happening in my life: #1 I got a full-time job a week after I graduated (yes, I am that […]

Certain areas which were oft neglected and overlooked are now gaining a new reputation and a more positive light. If you hadn’t noticed, city café goers are now digging the exposed brickwork/industrial/minimalistic feel to spaces which were once designed only for eating and socialising. It seems we have reached a new era – we don’t […]

If you’re even slightly aware of Sydney’s most popular restaurants, Billy Kwong is old news. Or an old favourite – whatever you want to call it. But every good food lover has it high on their list of must tries and I’m no different. But if you enjoy the way I describe things or my […]

There is nothing photogenic about Yum Cha. Just had to get that out there for all y’all food blogsters. The lighting is always a strange yellow that does not do wonders for photo taking but the food more than makes up for this factor. Yum cha is something quite dear to me. There’s something highly […]


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