The day starting with aching feet. Not unusual considering how my genetics ‘blessed’ me with big feet. We were in Richmond – otherwise known as Melbourne’s PaddingtonĀ – and it was our second last day to explore the world through the colder, darker and much cooler side (yes, Melbournites are cooler than us Sydneysiders. What was […]

Adjusting is never all that easy. I made the hasty decision to move from the comforting distance and stillness of Mittagong – where I was somewhat isolated from the hustle and bustle of city life and all that it entailed – to the fast-paced, ever-changing world of life within Sydney. Adjusting was like waking up […]

My favourite kind of post: product reviews! I think I hit a jackpot when I discovered the joys of posting on my favourite products and rating them. It almost makes criticising something seem like a nice thing to do. Well, kind of. But you’re here to find out about a protein bar that is definitely […]

When I first started out with this blog, I didn’t have an exact picture of what I was going to focus on. I knew that, because food is my one true love, I’d definitely lend a hand to my beloved and spread its love and deliciousness to the world but beyond that, I hadn’t a […]

Sometimes I just want a space to vent, a place where I can scribble down random thoughts and chaotic days. Just so I don’t forget them. A notebook isn’t enough, the paper ageing quicker and more gracefully than my mind ever would. These are the times when the Internet becomes a blessing – because lucky […]

Ever encountered a moment, perhaps a single minute or a whole day even, where everything is going exactly as planned and you are living in the moment? And you wish the silly little moment would just last forever? And then the moment disappears and either it stays with you or just waddles off into the […]

Let’s talk about vegetarianism. No wait, veganism. Hold on, what about pescatarianism…oh wait, let’s not forget to mention flexitarianism. If you have an inkling to turn the page, do it now (or hear me out). Living in Australia in the 21st century can be seen as a wonderful thing. We lead relatively (sometimes VERY) comfortable […]


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