Poporo Takeru

You know how people are always referring to a certain place as their ‘local joint’? Well, to be honest, I don’t really have one. Because I actually live in a little town of 7000 called Mittagong. I know I call myself a Sydneysider but straight after high school, my family opened a shop (here’s some self-promotion, it’s said that my mum makes the best kebabs hehe) in the Southern Highlands. So, for the past 3 years, I’ve been travelling back and forth between Mittagong and my original neighbourhood, Sydney.

There isn’t much to cater to cheap students where I live (this is a rural town which has perfected Italian but still sells ‘authentic’ Cantonese cuisine consisting of honey chicken and hokkien noodles with packet peanut sauce) so I’ve claimed Poporo in Market City as my local eatery.

This is probably because a friend and I used to have regular meet-ups there for a quick lunch in uni breaks. And thank god for those breaks because I would be a very hungry plum by the end and would already have Poporo’s menu in mind. But I knew perfectly well what I wanted, and what I will always want: the Teriyaki Fish Don ($5.70 half-size). Who knew a simple bowl of perfectly cooked sticky rice and gelatinously-coated pieces of fried fish could be so impeccable?

Teriyaki Fish Don ($5.70)

A close-up is a must!

No camera-phone picture will ever do it justice but I hope these capture the beauty that is a tiny plate of perfect fish and rice.

Poporo Takeru Japanese Restaurant, Level 3, Market City, Haymarket, NSW.

(02) 9211 2777. Find Poporo Takeru on Facebook.

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  1. keen to try this place!

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