N2 Extreme Gelato

Everyone has been raving on about the next best thing in the world of gelato – the liquid nitrogen revolution sweeping over Sydney. I’m usually slow with trends and it’s probably because I am not easily convinced by novelty things. Rock salt cheese bubble tea. I’ll pass thanks. Deep fried birthday cake. Really now?

But I felt like an iced dessert and sometimes I get curious over the excitement of it all. So off I went in search of the subject of extreme hype, to N2 Extreme Gelato (at the far end of Chinatown). The store concept basically depicts a crazy science laboratory; all white coats, flasks of unknown liquids and weird framed pictures of the anatomy of the human body. I wish there were more Kitchen Aids on display the day I went, they are such photogenic specimens aren’t they?

Kinky Vanilla, anyone?

The day’s flavours included Earl Grey and Caramel, Rose and Pistachio, Milk Candy, Mango and Cookies and Cream. I didn’t feel very out-there so I went for Cookies and Cream ($6) which was quickly churned out using the Kitchen Aid and some steamy liquid nitrogen. The cute and colourful store layout begged for a sit-down and so I happily obliged. The creaminess of the gelato against the crunch of the Oreo pieces never gets old for me. I had a taste of my friend’s Rose and Pistachio which was unexpectedly pleasant (none of that overdosing on rosewater essence but instead a subtle Turkish delight-reminiscent flavour). The Mango was just as it should be: smooth, packed with the tropical mango flavour we all know and love.

Cookies and Cream (left), Mango (right), Rose and Pistachio (top) (All $6)

Novelty is one thing, and it gets old pretty quickly, but people will always come back for great gelato.

N2 Extreme Gelato, 43/1 Dixon Street (Chinatown), Sydney NSW. N2 Extreme Gelato. Find N2 on Facebook.


  1. enjoyed this place but i think messinas is my favorite !

  2. haha nothing beats grand gelato in glebe for me!

  3. I didn’t mind N2, tried their Miso Caramel and Peanut gelato – definitely different and tasty but I think Messina wins any day!

  4. Wow miso? Very interesting, don’t know if I’m adventurous enough to try it though!

  5. you should try rivareno in surry hills, just opened. excellent traditional gelati

    1. Mmm just checked out their website, their specialty flavours sound amazing!
      The GranTorino..yummo :)

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