Sonoma Bakery Café

If you love sourdough, you’ve probably encountered Sonoma Bakery at some point. Sonoma would be the Chanel of the bread world, its distinctive black and white layout and bold logo is synonymous with artisan quality. I do love sourdough, but I’m not a bread connoisseur by anyone’s standards. These days, with people becoming more and more picky with their tastes, Sonoma is all the rage.

In fact, their range of freshly baked is produced in such a massive scale at their headquarters in Alexandria that their goods are literally sold all over Sydney in bakeries, café’s and for catering.

So it was only logical that I venture out to the Alexandria café (right next to the production factory) to see and taste what all the fuss is about. The store is everything you’d expect from an artisan bakery; minimalistic layout with dark timber tables and chairs lined up against a mirrored wall. The lighting is intimate so as to focus all attention on the specialty, bread in all shapes and forms as well as fresh salads, bircher muesli, juices, pastries and desserts tucked into the glass counter.

Oh how I love me some muesli.

I wasn’t really in a sandwich mood so I opted for the trusty Bircher Muesli with yoghurt and rhubarb ($7). The muesli itself was crunchy (not exactly bircher, but still good) with a satisfying mix of nutty pepitas and roasted almonds.  The rhubarb on top was soft and not overly tart, just right.

I hope you excuse this outrageously unprofessional photo but I had to show you guys the beautiful Ginger Cake ($5) which was basically a gloriously gingery cake dressed as a carrot cake (cream cheese icing and all).

I can’t wait until I finally buy a DSLR…

The fresh loaves are quite reasonably priced and judging from appearance and smell, you can see why sourdough lovers have fallen in love with Sonoma. It’s ironic that we didn’t try the bread but everything tasted great so I’m hoping to return very soon to experience it all again.

Sonoma Bakery Café, 32-44 Birmingham St Alexandria, Sydney NSW. (02) 8338 1051, Sonoma (click here for other café locations). Find Sonoma on Facebook.


  1. interesting ginger cake…

  2. it wasn’t very gingery which is probably why i liked it :)

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