Kitchen by Mike

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘food is art’ plenty of times. If you’re not into the concept and scoff at the thought that something like eating could be considered art, then you may have to think again. Kitchen by Mike is one of those places where the art/food combination is so picture-worthy, you instantly develop snap-happyitis.

Storage crates lined up against a wall, genius.

A couple of adventurous friends and I travelled off into the faraway land of Rosebery (well it was a good bus trip and drive from Central!). Once we arrived in the world of the industrially chic, we turned a few corners and came across a huge brick building with a side door leading to the popular eatery. You would miss it if you didn’t see trendy people gathering around the door at a constant rate. Once you’ve walked up some stairs, you will find a bustling open space with lots of staff lined up behind a glass counter swiftly taking orders. The layout reminded me of a buffet; sans the chef hats and the indifference of said chefs.

The warehouse is enormous, with high ceilings, natural lighting and beautiful black rimmed windows against white walls. Still, it felt cosy, with lots of people crowded into the indoor eating area.

Behind the counter was a large number of colourful plates and bowls with items like the Panang Curry with Eggplant and Pumpkin ($7.50), Fish and Mussel Broth ($11.50) and Peaches, Fennel, Rocket and Prosciutto ($7.50). Of course, there were multiple sides but my memory didn’t make note that day, I was too busy trying to choose between the fish and the curry. I ended up getting the curry; one dainty eggplant half with sauce and a handful of the Cucumber with Soy Mirin Dressing ($4.50). I loved the complexity of the curry sauce, with a subtle hint of coconut (how can you go wrong?).

We sat at a cute little table (there’s a bright outdoor seating area too) and dug (so to speak) into a sardine can for our cutlery. I peered across the table at my friends’ plates; the fish looked tender, the peach salad fresh and flavoursome and Mike’s Woodfired Sourdough soft and fluffy ($3.50 per slice).

After we had finished up, we headed over to the picturesque Koskela Design Showroom a few metres away. It had the prettiest little bits and bobs for design-conscious hipsters and their kids (definitely take a look at the kids’ bedroom and toys section, adorable!).


As long as you know what to expect, in terms of pricing and portions, I’m sure you’ll be intrigued by Kitchen by Mike’s unique layout and impeccable food.

Kitchen by Mike, 85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery NSW. (02) 9045 0910, find Kitchen by Mike on Facebook.

A massive thankyou to my great friend Susan for taking these stunning pictures. Check out her awesome bike blog here.

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