Sydney Koreatown Festival 2013

Hello there loyal followers!

I’m flattered that you’ve decided my material is worthy enough of your spare time. No, really, I’m blushing like a peach (or a plum?).

Anywho, yesterday I attended the Sydney Koreatown Festival which included a cute, small set-up of a few stalls and a stage at the front. I didn’t really focus on the food as much as I did the intriguing cultural performances. There were so many dancers, singers, traditional folk musicians, Gangnam-style contestants and even wrestlers! It was truly a showcase of everything Korea has to offer Sydney (apparently ‘Korea Town’ is an official location after the community organised signage with Sydney Council!).

Nanjang & Pan, a traditional folk music orchestra.

The twelve or so stalls were selling everything from grape juice (I could’ve sworn it was wine…it tasted so fermented-y!) to tubs of kimchi (fermented cabbage), bulgogi (Korean beef and rice) and bibimbap (mixed rice).

One stall was constantly surrounded with people (always a good sign at a festival) so I opted for their japchae (Korean glass noodle salad) ($8). I’ve had japchae before so I had high expectations but sadly, it wasn’t as great as it was last time. Basically, there was too much oil and every second bite involved raw spring onion chunks. But not to worry! I ventured out to see more and found another stall selling Seafood Pancakes ($5 each) which was creamy, chewy and delicious.

Look behind the horse…haha!

I had to get photos of the amazing costumes, all vividly coloured and intricately detailed. I also found a Korean war horse and warrior which was super exciting until the poor horse had a little accident and everyone started to keep their distance (naww!).


All in all, I had an excellent time discovering Korea Town (the city one, not the Strathfield one!) which I didn’t even know existed until this event. I noticed that there were a fair few restaurants and cafes specialising in Korean food so I definitely want to come back to see what goodies I can find in these bustling laneways.

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