Sheraton On The Park

Oh hello! A shout out (HELLO!) to my first-time readers and to those of you who visit occasionally, you truly make my day. I know I usually blog about food-related things but seeing how this is a food and lifestyle blog, I thought I should post a little something up about my recent experience at Sheraton on the Park bishes!

Read on before you judge, I’m not a spoilt brat I promise! Believe me, I’m the last person who would consider forking out half a grand for a one room apartment overlooking Hyde Park but hear me out. Recently, a friend of mine had some colleagues of hers arrive to Sydney from Hong Kong for a business-related trip. Seeing as how their company pays for all expenses (amazing right?), they had a week at the Sheraton booked in. They were leaving a day early to get back home and called my friend to ask if she’d like a free hotel room for a night. Clearly, she said yes and because she’s such a great gal, invited me to come along and see what’s really so special about the Sheraton.

Even arriving at the lobby was pretty exciting for two uni kids but I’m not going to get too ecstatic, I’ll probably regret the over-excitement when I’m a working person. The room was beautifully modern, with its beige/brown colour theme and warm glowing lamps and the pictures lining the walls made it even more sophisticated. And what’s not to love about dark timber furniture? The room just oozed elegance.

The ensuite was absolutely huge, with black swirling marble all throughout and included a spacious bathtub, glass-enclosed shower and a gleaming bench. Obviously, I’m all for pretty bathrooms…

Window envy!

The view out of the pretty white-shuttered windows was pretty wonderful; we were basically overlooking the whole Sydney CBD, towering office buildings and all. The only downfall of having a super-expensive room is the super-expensive Room Service menu ($10 cereal anyone? Or perhaps you’d prefer a ‘Sheraton’ burger for $38? Let’s not forget the $8 service fee for any room service order). In-room snacks were also out of the question, my friend and I couldn’t believe a cup of instant noodles was $6.50. So, unfortunately, we passed on the fridge too.

All in all, it was great fun getting to spend a night in the city in an amazing all expenses paid hotel room (the tea was complimentary though, yay!).

Sheraton On The Park, 161 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000, (02) 9286 6000. Find them on Facebook.

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