Memorable Food Moments

I’m dedicating a post to moments in time where I’ve tasted something amazing at various places and conveniently captured those happy memories with a photo.

With food, there is always a story to tell and here are a few of mine, both recent and not-so-recent. Enjoy and please share your own if you’d like!

As I’ve stated before, I live in Mittagong (here’s the dedicated post) and you’d be surprised to know just how generous and kind people from all walks of life are up here. I don’t think my mother or even I have seen such genuine people anywhere we’ve lived (believe me, ‘I’ve been everywhere man’ dum-di-doo).

Just last week, one of mum’s new friends decided to share these precious golden nashis with us. I woke up and saw them piled together on the kitchen bench and thought ‘I must take a picture!’. Even better, they were super sweet and when you bit into one, the juices dripped gleefully all over your face.

Sometimes I like to catch up with friends over coffee, like all Sydneysiders, but occasionally I like to treat myself to things that are more special; my fave being gelato. When I first laid eyes on Grand Gelato in Glebe, I fell in love. It was the ultimate opposite of the crazy trendiness of gelateries in Sydney with its humble collection of classic gelato and sorbet flavours. The price was so good ($3.90 one scoop; $4.90 two scoops) that I impulsively decided on a scoop of Chocolate and another of Vanilla Bean; the texture was so smooth and creamy and the flavours just perfect and not overly sweet…I felt like I was floating on fluffy marshmallow clouds high up in the sky. The next time I went, I saw that they were playing with different flavours so I chose the Caramel Popcorn and boy was it yummy.

Can you spot the bumpy flecks of popcorn?

Last year, one of my friends from high school decided to host a reunion so after what seemed like forever our class had a catch up over dinner at Westfield Sydney. As I didn’t realise back then, the appreciation for ‘high-end’ dining was basically non-existent in the group (I guess my tastebuds are too picky compared with the average young adult) so no one was satisfied after our pricey dinner. It was funny seeing the faces of our classmates as their miniscule meals arrived with hefty pricetags. The emotions crossing over their faces looked something like this: :) then :/ then :O! Anyway, back to the memory! So we popped over to Max Brenner afterwards (yes, how very typical of us!). The chocolate-drizzled Chocolate Cinammon Babka ($6.50, 50c for marshmallows) was just too adorable to pass up so a few of us shared and it was delicious! The Ukrainian-inspired yeast cake was basically a tall croissant with chocolatey swirls inside and I was secretly wishing I would have ordered one all to myself!

This last memorable moment is dedicated to the food memories we should always be grateful for; that perfect mug of coffee you had this morning should be savoured for adding even just a little bit of happiness to your day.

Cappuccino from Josh’s Cafe, Berrima.


  1. What a great post! It can be really nice to look back and think of these moments. One of my most memorable is definitely the first Chilli Crab I had in Singapore… The food was amazing, but it was also about the magic of being overseas with friends and just having a fun time in general.

  2. Mmm that crab sounds divine!
    Definitely agree there, it’s usually the company that makes it memorable.
    Like when we went to that lolly store and bought chocolate freckles together!

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