Maintaining old-world charm

Old-worldly stores are a dying breed. Sure, we still occasionally visit our local general store which hasn’t been refurbished in over twenty years but apart from that, we are losing the character of cities and towns with our constant desire for change and everything modern and minimalistic.

Well, you won’t have to worry about any of that ‘make way for the new kid on the block’ in little old Berrima. What makes this cute touristy town so unique is it’s rich history and old-style layout; sandstone cottages, narrow roads and cobblestone pavements. You look at a place like this and you say to yourself No wonder the older generations suffer from constant bouts of nostalgia‘.

I love visiting Berrima with the arrival of autumn – this is when all the trees transform into beautiful specimens. As you walk or drive down the peaceful streets, their warming red, gold and yellow hues will invigorate your soul.

Remember these?

Nothing says ‘other-worldly’ more than the Lolly Swagman store, which stocks candies, gummies, chocolates, homemade fudge, nougat and every other sugary confection you can imagine. If you haven’t found that special treat from your childhood anywhere else- think chocolate freckles, pop rocks, musk logs – this is the store where you’ll find it.

As with any lolly shop these days, there’s also a range of American confectionery (don’t ask me why people enjoy super sweet, buttery American ‘chocolate’ bars…) and of course, a great selection of the Swagman brand’s own chocolate-covered treats (that’s more like it!).

The homemade fudge is sold in blocks and priced by weight, with classics like Jaffa and Creamy Vanilla and modern combinations such as Butter Pecan Caramel Swirl and Maple Walnut behind a counter dedicated to all things fudge.

Hello my pretties.

I couldn’t resist the Vienna Almonds ($3.95 per 100g) and the Chocolate Blueberries ($4.65 per 100g) the last time I went. The roasted almonds were so delicious, all nutty and crunchy with a butterscotch coating, yum!

So forget about chain foodstores popping up all over the place and opt for that local bakery, deli, jam store, cheese shop in your neighbourhood. These local finds should be honoured for the ongoing passion, tradition and expertise that keeps them alive.

Lolly Swagman Berrima, Old Hume Highway, Berrima NSW 2577, (02) 4877 1137. Find them on Facebook.

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