Coffee Trails

Sometimes it is truly overwhelming thinking about the amount of ‘experience’ we try to fit into one body. l’ll go live in a far-off country to get away from it all, you say to yourself, but then decide the culture shock will be too great and leave it for later. I’ll go bungee jumping, I’ll skydive, I’ll volunteer in Uganda, I’ll learn to play violin…but time is not your friend. Life is full of picking and choosing; choose one over the other and somewhere along the way, you’ll come back to the choice you almost forgot. With regard to food experiences, this life principle is highly relevant.

For instance, a café opens somewhere in Sydney and everyone raves about how great their [insert latest craze] is. You add it to your ‘must try’ list. Or a new bakery is selling out expertly-made pastries before noon and although you’ll have to catch a train and bus to get there, that goes on the list too.

Truly baffled, you don’t know where to start. And by the time you’ve arrived at that Mexican taco joint, the food world has moved on. The point I’m getting at is that not everything you hear about is always what it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes, you’ve got to ignore things other people seek out and go find your own luck elsewhere.

This is how I like to find places to eat, and Coffee Trails is my most recent. Obviously many people know of it already, but search for it online and it barely exists.

I’ve been travelling through Central Tunnel and past its sandstone shopfronts for 3 years now…and I’d never even noticed this lunch spot existed!

I’ve been so entranced by it; I may as well become a regular. I love their range of toasties on Brasserie Bread sourdough ($5 to $7) from Vintage Cheddar to Gruyere and Fontina – these guys know their cheese. At the front counter you’ll find a bunch of neatly stacked handmade sandwiches- my pick is the Buffalo Mozzarella, Sun-dried Tomato and Basil ($7) with its punchy flavours and stretchy cheese working perfectly together. They also do pies, quiches, pastry rolls, brownies and muffins, all made by their own pastry chef! As expected, single origin coffee does prevail and their huge range of cold and flavoured beverages is pretty cool too.

White Hot Chocolate

I guess I just need a bit of a breather from my own list. It will keep growing I’m sure, I’ll probably even miss out on places that don’t last long at all but I’ll get through it eventually. For now though, I’m content with a crispy, gooey toastie.

Coffee Trails, Henry Deane Plaza Shop 5/2 Lee St, Sydney 2000, (02) 9211 6555. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Matt S · · Reply

    Love the photography and the place looks fantastic! Great job :-)

    1. It really is! People need to know about it!
      Thankyou, I’m using Picasa so I have you to thank :)

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