Project 8 Café (Closed)

Project 8 is truly a character of a café; it’s cosy, dark, mysterious but cheerful all at once. This is probably due to its many nooks and crannies you’ll only discover if you revisit this European-inspired space more than once.

The graffiti-inspired shopfront is a theme which you’ll be reminded of if you choose to go down a creaky black staircase to sit in the bright and airy courtyard out the back. Being there feels a world away from the dingy back streets of Broadway.


The front section of the eatery exposes you to the agile skill of the barista, expertly making all kinds of hot caffeinated beverages while you take a seat on a wooden stool and browse the huge variety of food options on the blackboard. Further inside, you’ll find a secluded dark timber room where you can share secrets loudly with your companion on comfy couches whilst waiting for your order.

I love the atmosphere created by books on shelves!

It felt like a ‘sweets-for-lunch’ kind of day so I opted for the Fruit and Nut Bread with Ricotta and Mixed Berries ($6.50) whilst my friend, more fittingly, chose the Pumpkin Soup ($10.50) being the freezing autumn day it was. The soup had a punchy ginger flavour which the barista informed us was the result of a recipe which took him ages to perfect. The fruit bread was moist and complemented nicely with the creamy cheese and sweet berry compote.

I’ve come here for coffee plenty of times as I’m a sucker for a perfect soy mocha without the bitter aftertaste that sometimes comes with ‘artisan’ coffee. I reckon their coffee is so good because of their own ‘10Q’ blend (their website tells me it’s a ‘secret blend of Brazilian, Ethiopian and Egyptian beans that accentuate the fruity and nutty flavour in coffee’ – have to agree there).

Project 8 definitely gives me more than one reason to return but honestly, the coffee alone is probably enough.

Project 8 Café, 137 Broadway Street, Ultimo NSW 2007, 0424 631 900. Find them on Facebook and Twitter


  1. i could do with a nice soup.

  2. perfect weather for it :)

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