Black Star Pastry

Plenty of times I’ve heard of the phrase ‘worth travelling across town for’. I haven’t felt this way about many things others have talked up; partly because I can’t be bothered with trying to get somewhere I’ve never been using public transport and partly because I think I’ll be left disappointed (yes, I am picky).

But I’ve finally been convinced by a thing which is worthy of my (and hopefully your) time and energy. It is simply a cake. A cake so mind-bogglingly simple in terms of flavour combination but pure genius in construction! The Watermelon and Strawberry Cake with Rose-Scented Cream ($7) from the folks at Black Star Pastry is pure magic. It is a layered cake which has a ‘love or loathe’ appeal but is a definite winner in my books.

Consisting of a crunchy meringue base, a layer of subtle rose cream, a slice of refreshing watermelon, another meringue layer, cream layer and finally a tangy pink jelly, topped with crushed pistachios, halved strawberries and dried rose petals. You’d think it wouldn’t work. Won’t watermelon make a delicate cake soggy? Doesn’t rose overpower the subtle flavour of the fruit and/or meringue? No and no. Like many things in life, it shouldn’t work but it does – so just enjoy it and stop being such a party pooper (I may be referring to myself).

I want that glass cloche so bad.

When I finally had the opportunity to visit Black Star, it was 20 minutes until closing and even so the pastry chefs out the back were meticulously slicing up their specialty cake into perfect, individual portions. Customers were still clustering into the tiny space to get their fix of beautiful baguettes, glistening pastries and picture-perfect tarts and other sweet treats.

The easygoing staff are the type who seem to value their customers – the kind who remember your name when you reappear at their teeny-tiny café (sooner rather than later).

Shout out to ‘Samwich’ who was really keen for a pic :D

But don’t take my word for it; go see for yourself why this place is still a booming success even after 5 years in the trade. Even if you have to travel across town for it.

Black Star Pastry, 277 Australia Street, Newtown NSW 2042, (02) 9557 8656. Find them on Facebook and Twitter


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