Birthday Cake Appreciation

Hey there! I’m glad to see that although I haven’t posted in a while (I’ll get to that soon), there is still traffic on my teensy space of super important insights: thankyouuuu!

My cake this year :D.

So I usually take blog pictures on my smartphone and upload them to my notebook but I kind of…left it at a friend’s place. So no pictures equates to boring rants equates to none of you lovely folk.

THEN, I had my birthday dinner on Friday (at this delicious establishment), my friend’s surprise 21st on Saturday and my uncle’s 73rd on Sunday so I’ve had quite a frantic, but wonderful, weekend. Okay, enough excuses and back to the topic: birthday cakes.

Don’t give me this I’m not a cake person mumbo jumbo. If we had a discussion and you told me why you don’t dig cake, our conversation would go something like this:

Me: It’s your birthday? 

You: Yep.

Me: Are you celebrating it?

You: Yep.

Me: You’re not having cake?!

You: Yep.

Me: Are you mad?!

In any case, if this dialogue ever took place, I’d assume you were some kind of super boring health freak who avoids sugar at all costs (you know who you are).

The timeless tradition of the birthday cake is one I don’t think any should ever avoid. For whatever reason. Because even if you’re gluten/lactose/nut/dairy intolerant (and the list goes on), I am 100% sure there is a cake for you. And anyway, birthday cake is not just any cake, it’s that little touch of sweetness that lessens the pending truth that you’ve come just a tiny bit closer to death (and worse, some would contend, wrinkles!).

The first I’ll show here is my darling cake created by one of my favourite patisseries, Sweetland Patisserie in Harris Park. I can’t remember when my mum brought home that first extraordinary birthday cake from the French-trained pastry chef but we’ve been going back ever since. Each year, we make a special order of their Marble Cake (prices vary depending on size) which they do in any shape or form and accept many request for changes.

For my 15th, the cake was huge I tells ya! It included an enormous pineapple boat on top and some perfectly arranged, perfectly sliced pieces of kiwi, strawberry and peach.

For my 16th, it was heart-shaped! The family trend of ‘hold the cream, can we have two layers of crème pâtissière instead?’ begun. And thank goodness it did!

This year I wanted to try something different and went for their ‘signature’ White Forest and Peach Cake (prices vary depending on size). Although the sponge was deliciously airy and light, the cream, fruit and almonds super fresh, I was bummed when I found out there was only one layer of custard. Next year I’ll be standing by my old friend Marble Cake again.

Ain’t it gorgeous though?

So fresh!

The next cake was for my friend’s 21st and it was right on trend, for all the non-food-obsessed people out there, even cakes have trends. I’m sure you’ve seen the Kit-Kat Cake before, look here and here.

Hers was too adorable to eat but we ate it anyway! As said friend is allergic to cocoa, we had a white chocolate Kit Kat version and it was equally as good. I love the pigs swimming in the condensed milk top layer (that was some seriously sweet frosting) but what I loved most was the purple ombre innards! Not the lightest cake (sugar high wheeee) but oh so pretty!

Hello Prince Piggy!

I’ve got to say, you can go all out and order the fanciest cake imaginable but this was such a great representation of who my uncle is: not fussed and simply doesn’t give a damn.

It’s a homemade Chocolate Pudding Cake and because his wife is also not fussed, she threw in mandarin segments, peppermint chocolate sticks, walnuts and orange cake. It was so random but so YUM.

So that wraps up my chaotic birthday-cramming weekend, I hope you’ve enjoyed my increasingly unpredictable insights and here’s to many more years of cake, glorious cake.

Sweetland Patisserie, 55 Wigram St  Harris Park NSW 2150, (02) 9891 6048.


  1. grabyourfork · · Reply

    Naww the pigs in mud cake is so cute!

    1. I know, I fell in love with Prince Pig and his wonky crown! :D

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