Three Ropes Espresso

What do you think of when you hear the word Parramatta? I’ll go first: daggy, dodgy and in desperate need of a makeover. I know, it’s a tad harsh but hey, I grew up in this neighbourhood (gawd I seem like such a snob..) and it hasn’t changed much AT ALL. But don’t let these recollections deter you from visiting the diverse mix of restaurants, cafés and nightlife Parramatta has to offer.

Holroyd Shire Council is finally listening to its local community and clearly things are changing for the better around here. I bet you wouldn’t associate Parramatta’s café culture with the hip and trendy alleyways of inner-city Melbourne. Circa Espresso on Wentworth St started the trend a few years back, Sweet Street Bakery helped it on its way and now Three Ropes Espresso has arrived, all slick and shiny.

 If Melbourne-style cafés are your thing – complete with graffiti murals, mismatched china and exposed walls – you’ll adore this place. And the prices are so cheap!

Love it!

The soup of the day with sourdough toast comes at a satisfying $5. After peering up at the small yet adequate menu (written on brown paper bags :D) at the front counter, I ordered the Ricotta on Toast with Basil Pesto ($6).

Due to its super low price my expectations on size weren’t too high but boy was I wrong. I received two hunks of light rye bread, all warm and toasty, with a thick slathering of creamy pesto and fresh ricotta. Definite winner, especially when paired with my malty pot of English Breakfast ($3.50).

Cappuccino ($3.50) 

Three Ropes Espresso is yet another reason to make your way to the suburb where [finally!] exciting things are happening.

Three Ropes Espresso, 10a Darcy Street Parramatta NSW 2150, 0410 757 757, find them on Facebook and Twitter.  


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