Tsuru Food Truck

Last Sunday the Rocks area near Sydney’s Circular Quay came alive with The Rocks Aroma Festival. For the festival, I only have positive things to say. The stalls were set out nicely and lured you in for exciting treats such as cupcakes from Sparkle Cupcakery, high-quality chocolates from Chocolarts, steaming hot spicy chai from the folks at Rainbow Chai and a whole bunch of other stalls featuring chocolate, coffee, baked goods and savoury snacks. In essence, the festival was great.

Too many people – slightly overwhelming.

However, I cringe when I think back to the crowds, or should I say hoards of people pushing and shoving and standing in lines at least 10 metres long just to purchase a cup of coffee. At times, we were shuffling through masses of people and not going anywhere for what seemed like a really long time. I was exhausted, so thank goodness I spotted Tsuru from afar and hastened towards it with only food on my mind.


I know, I’ve already done a food truck post but there’s plenty more to discover and here was my chance to finally sample their Japanese-inspired fare. The experience was not really substantial enough to make major claims about the quality of food etcetera but so far, so good!

I wanted a light snack so I overlooked the Tsuru Bento ($17) which included a bun, two satay sticks and a pandan pancake – sounded delicious. The Bulgogi Beef Bun ($7) was totally up my alley but was sold out by the time we arrived. Other options included Fried Dumplings (8 for $10) and Chicken Satay Sticks (4 for $12) but I preferred the Teriyaki Chicken Bun ($7) instead.

It appeared to be a really small portion but because it basically consisted of protein and carb, it was satisfying enough. I can’t get enough of the texture of Asian-style buns so I loved how fluffy and moist it was (although the filling was a tad dry).

Lots of stuff was sold out by 1.30-ish.

I definitely think it’s pricy for a snack but hey, business costs in Sydney are really high so I guess we have to be realistic. I’ll definitely have to look out for Tsuru sometime again to suss out their menu some more, and hopefully I’ll have enough courage to face the ravenous crowds at next year’s Aroma Festival!

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