Monthly Archives: August 2013

Product Review: Smith’s Air Popped Potato Snacks

Hi all! Welcome to my blog (if you’re new here) and welcome to a new segment I’ve unimaginatively titled ‘product review’. If you have a better title, feel free to let me know before I dull the spirit of too many visitors. I have noticed a wide range of new, ‘healthier’ snacks from major supermarket […]

Spring is Calling

Blog inspiration abounds wherever you set foot within a town, city, village or country. I know I’m just writing about food/lifestyle things but I’d like to think I have something different to add to this category of blog. That’s why this post was one of the most challenging so far. You see, I was going […]

OzHarvest: Feeding the 5000

A lot of planning goes into an event that involves the feeding of 5000 hungry city people within a period of 2 hours. The generous folk at OzHarvest shared their love of ‘rescued’ fruit and veg on a bright Monday afternoon with quite a successful lunchtime event. I found out about their plans much earlier […]