Product Review: Smith’s Air Popped Potato Snacks

Hi all! Welcome to my blog (if you’re new here) and welcome to a new segment I’ve unimaginatively titled ‘product review’. If you have a better title, feel free to let me know before I dull the spirit of too many visitors.

I have noticed a wide range of new, ‘healthier’ snacks from major supermarket brands and for those who have been missing out for too long now, these companies are finally listening up.

The last time I actually had a packet of chips was way way back so I was excited to find out that Smith’s had created a product which claims to be 50% lower in fat than regular potato chips*. Surely, I thought, that has to be a positive step towards tackling our nation’s growing obesity problem: if you can’t stop people from eating junk, why not make it less junk-like? (genius!).

So I bought a packet and here are my thoughts:

Name: Smith’s Air Popped Potato Snacks: BBQ (RRP $3.76, 100g)


  • 50% lower in fat than regular potato chips (cooked in oil*)
  • All natural colours and flavours
  • No added MSG
  • Only 0.3g saturated fat per serve (15 chips)
  • Around 100 calories per serve (big tick for calorie freaks out there, yay!)


When you open the packet, it is clear that there aren’t nearly as many chips as you’d expect. But no matter, the BBQ aroma lingers on your nose and excites the tastebuds; the chips are quite big and not as fragile as regular chips. The texture is great; really addictive because of the crunch and rice cracker-like chewiness. The flavour is good too, perfect amount of seasoning and not overly salty.


The rating system puts all factors discussed above into a nice little value for your convenience (purely subjective, but I’d like to think my tastebuds are quite accurate!). I’ve given the rating of 4 out of 5 for overall value, taste, texture and nutritional content.

So if you’re interested in lowering your overall fat intake but still enjoy the occasional snack, this is a great option.



  1. I’m in love with these!!! Even better though are Popcorners.. Sweet&Savoury flavour is my current addiction

    1. Anything with the word ‘popcorn’ and I’m in love!

  2. As a chip lover myself I am very interested in this product. Your description of the product makes me feel like I am eating them right now :) well done keep up the good work Mr big

  3. grabyourfork · · Reply

    I’ve seen these but yet to try them. And I’m a massive fan of Popcorners too.

  4. Hello! :) wow, I’m so out of it, didn’t know these even existed til now. Guess I’ll chuck em into the basket next time I go grocery shopping (which is quite rare) :P

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