Quirky Asian Snacks

I wasn’t planning on doing another product review so soon after the first but I’ve been so busy with essay writing, internships and reports etc that I will pull another convenient post out of my bag of tricks and hopefully you will approve.

I’m a sucker for Asian snacks of any kind, sweet, savoury, perfectly packaged individual portions or straight out of a bag, they are definitely more fun than just your ordinary Australian/American/British snacks (bo-ring!). The task of locating Asian snacks is easy enough (your local Asian grocer or even the Asian supermarket aisle will have a nifty little range) but it’s even better if you locate a specialty store. I’ve recently found a Korean supermarket right next to where I intern at YAY! The store’s called ‘Han Ho Korean Grocery’ and shelves are lined high with bright, colourful Korean snacks.

It takes me embarrassingly long amounts of time to choose snacks where I’m not too sure what’s written on the nutritional info sticker and what’s in the product but Crown is quite a well-known brand and guaranteed to taste good. I lingered for a while but finally found my pick of the day, and here’s what I thought:

Name: Crown Charming Butter Lemon Crackers ($2.90, 180g, 12 pack)


  •  3-layer cracker with two separate fillings of butter and lemon
  • 70 calories per portion


I loved the clean, colourful packaging and a picture of the cracker itself lets you know what you’re actually buying. It’s great that there are 12 individually wrapped portions (hello portion control) to take to work or eat on the go. When you open the packet, you get this weird buttery smell and it’s funny how one layer is always more cooked than the other two (intentional perhaps?), the texture is nice and crispy, if a tad crumbly, and the flavour is, well…interesting. First you get a savoury salty cracker flavour, then the sweet butter icing and finally a zing of lemon. Does it work? It actually does but only if you’re in the mood for an unusual flavour combination.


The fact that a meagre cracker is 70 calories is a touch off-putting and the flavour is definitely eccentric but with all factors considered, I think I quite like the creativity of it all. So my rating would be 3.5 out of 5.

If you’re up for something other than your ordinary muesli bar or packet of chips, go check out the Asian supermarket in your area, there are some really fun and quirky snack options.

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