Asian Bakery Love: Reignited

I remember the time when Asian bakery chains like Breadtop and Barby’s started luring people into their brightly-lit stores. I was probably mid-way through high school and I have fond memories of mum bringing home soft, sweet and über moist Japanese bread buns. She was even adventurous enough to buy some taro buns once (this is rare behaviour for a Turkish mother).

The chains are still popular and their consistency and low prices make their scrumptious goods affordable to all. The sweet aroma of freshly baked sweet and savoury buns and glistening pastries is still quite appealing to me, but I have simply neglected these cravings for one reason or another (possibly my increasing fussiness about being ‘healthy’).

But you know what? I look after my body and nourish it with plenty of fresh, healthy food so I’ve started to expose the ‘I don’t give a damn’ mentality that lurks within. I’m slowly starting to try new things, and Asian bakeries are super exciting all over again.

Here are some products I’ve recently bought (and devoured in seconds):

Taro Bun from Breadtop Bakery, Cabramatta

Ah the good ol’ taro bun, taro has got to be one of the most dessert-friendly vegetables you can imagine! The bread was croissant-like, nice and flaky and the taro paste innards thick and creamy, and not overly sweet, yum.

Taro Bun from Barby’s Bakery, Haymarket

This bright purple dome of a bun is adorable to look at and a total contrast to Breadtop’s version. I love the crispness of the taro crust and the softness of the dough within. Even better is the generous dose of sweet taro paste which is smoother and sweeter than Breadtop’s version. A must try.

Fujisan from Breadtop Bakery, Broadway

Such a simple flaky pastry with a sprinkle of icing sugar to convince you it’s sweet not savoury. This is for folk who prefer plain and simple over anything else.

Veggie Hash Bun from Breadtop Bakery, World Square

I don’t usually use this word but ‘moreish’ describes this one well: a crispy, fried vegetable ‘hash brown’ with a gooey centre enclosed in a soft bun with a smattering of Japanese mayonnaise.

Tuna Bun from Breadtop Bakery, World Square

Can the pastry magicians at Breadtop do no wrong? Even a stinky little tuna bun is pretty delish, complete with a good dose of Jap mayo and some egg. The bun is sweet but not like their dessert buns, simply a touch sweet to remind you that this is not bread, it’s bun. Haha.

I love simple life pleasures like this and challenge you to get out of your eating comfort zone and try something a bit unusual. You just might enjoy it.


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