Just Chicken. Or More?

It’s a chicken shop people – just a chicken shop! But most will agree it’s so much more. So why the fuss? Amazing garlic sauce you say? Crispy-skinned charred chicken you say?

Chicken shops aren’t usually all that exciting and don’t have crazy ass lines running up and down the store but ask anyone about El Jannah in Granville and they’ll instantly know it’s an institution. El Jannah fans make claims of its legendary status and those who think the Western suburbs of Sydney are an exotic, exciting destination (yes, some people do) become instant Lebanese-style chicken lovers and abandon roast chook instantly (don’t call me on this).

Clockwise from bottom: Garlic Sauce ($4.50 large), Pickles ($4.90 regular – complimentary with chicken I think?),

Hommous ($7.90 large), Tabouli ($6.90 large)

In all honesty I’ve been here a couple of times and I guess the tangy blackened coating is not really my style of chicken. BUT I’ve got to say, that garlic sauce is so good! I think it’d be logical to call it a garlic mayo though; it definitely doesn’t have the pungency of a typical Middle Eastern garlic-laden dip.

Decorated so nicely!

The infamous charcoal chicken.

The hommous and falafels were my pick of the vibrant selection we ordered with friends. What makes a great hommous is simple: creamy and smooth (grainy is a big no-no) with a slightly smoky flavour. Big tick. The falafels are great too, especially when they’ve just come out of the fryer and are all crispy outer and soft, beautifully bright green (due to the use of broad beans) inner. The tabouli was zippy and fresh from the huge whack of lemon juice, and goes really well wrapped inside some Lebanese bread with a thick schmear of hommous.

Hello pretty things!

That colour – wow.

This place is buzzing all hours of the night so make sure to get in for an early dinner if you want to eat in. If not, your job is easy. Get your chook, chips, dips and whatnot into a bag and enjoy some tasty takeaway at home instead.

El Jannah Charcoal Chicken & Lebanese Cuisine, 4-6 South Street, Granville NSW 2142, (02) 9637 0977, find them on Facebook


  1. grabyourfork · · Reply

    Ahhh how can you beat El Jannah chicken and garlic sauce? Finger lickin’ good!

    1. Agreed: I could eat that garlic sauce by the spoonful!

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