Monthly Archives: November 2013

Unapologetically Unattractive Morsels

There is nothing photogenic about Yum Cha. Just had to get that out there for all y’all food blogsters. The lighting is always a strange yellow that does not do wonders for photo taking but the food more than makes up for this factor. Yum cha is something quite dear to me. There’s something highly […]

Purely Pasta (Closed)

Nothing excites me more than a new find: Italian-style takeaway pasta at Piatto di Pasta. Purely pasta. Not that oily crap you get at cafes and takeaway food stores. And a few sweet things in a cabinet. I can’t say I’ve had amazing pasta at a takeaway joint before. I look at an oil-slicken tray […]

Food Trucks United

You know how rare it is to find a food truck in Sydney? One of my friends recently came back from studying an exchange year in Pennsylvania and even the University of Pennsylvania has a bunch of food trucks lined up waiting for hungry students to devour their fare. In Sydney, however, you have to […]