Food Trucks United

You know how rare it is to find a food truck in Sydney? One of my friends recently came back from studying an exchange year in Pennsylvania and even the University of Pennsylvania has a bunch of food trucks lined up waiting for hungry students to devour their fare.

In Sydney, however, you have to stalk a food truck’s every move (through social media and even a website dedicated to the task) so it becomes quite impossible to enjoy the quirky designs of colourful vans showcasing everything from bento boxes to gourmet jaffles.

So to say I was excited about an event titled ‘Food Trucks United’ held 5 minutes from Central is an understatement. And yes, by now you have gathered that I’m one of those ‘food-obsessed weirdos’ and either moved onto the next blog or would like to join me in my strange obsession.

Great little ‘store’ design.

The night I went was freaking freezing and I had caught a cold – thus my tastebuds were bailing out on me by the second, quite literally. A friend and I rocked up at around the opening mark of 5pm and people were already crowding the area, waiting in that desperate way Sydneysiders wait (these people are far from hungry, I’ll tell you that!). There was also a hum of background music, street dance battles, live art and free exhibits.

Pretty artwork on the Tsuru truck.

The plethora of trucks quaintly preparing their dishes was mind-boggling. The following made an appearance:

It was really hard to consider all options as most of the time was spent pushing through crowds of people and trying to read menus (in tiny writing…). I settled on Tsuru for their Lemongrass Chicken Bun ($5) which apparently won Sandwich of the Year 2012 or some shit. Anywho, I can’t say I was thrilled at the minute portion but you can’t always have your cake and eat it too at these types of events. I’d love to say it was the best sandwich I’ve ever had but my tastebuds were totally GONE dammit! Still, I got a slight tangy flavour, the bun was soft and sweet and there was a fried crunchy element (I think fried shallots?) which made a delicious textural combination.

Prime – Beef   Patty,   Roasted   Tomato,   Maple   Caramelized   Bacon,
Braised   Onion, Iceberg,   Aged   Cheddar. 
Brick – Chicken   Fillet, Tomato, Iceberg,

   Pickled Red Onion, Roasted   Garlic   Aioli.

My fellow festival-goer had the Prime and Brick Sliders ($5.50 each; $12 for two with drink and a side) from the most popular truck of the day – Street Sliders – which looked amazing. The chips were glistening and although the sliders were also tiny, he said they tasted great and my camera seemed pretty satisfied with the photogenic food shot.

My hunger wasn’t satiated (is it ever?) so I decided to go all out and order something bigger (to share) – the Organic Chilli Con Carne (wagyu beef chilli con carne with tomato, chimmichurri, rice and quinoa, $12) from Agapé Organic. OMG this was comfort food at its best; the quinoa and rice were perfectly fluffy, the con carne had rich, tomatoey flavours and the beans topped it off with a nice hint of cumin. Sometimes I wish I was South American, life would be bliss coming home to food like this.

Must try a jaffle if I find this truck again!

My descriptions are clearly subjective so don’t take me too seriously but the food trucks did an outstanding job on the day!

Food Trucks United, Belmore Park, Haymarket, Sydney NSW 2000. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. grabyourfork · · Reply

    The Prime and Brick sliders sounded like a pretty good deal. The chips look awesome too!

  2. Very true – probably the best option for value for money on the night. :)

  3. the next Food Trucks United is on Friday 6th of Dec! ;) check out their FB for more deets! xx

  4. Thanks for the heads up Anon!

  5. Maddy S · · Reply

    If you were talking about me, it was the University of Pennsylvania, not PennState haha :) food looks yum, I should have come!

    1. I am amazed you found the post itself but once I edit it, this comment will become invalid muahaha!
      They will probably do it again this year and we shall go then!

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