Purely Pasta (Closed)

Nothing excites me more than a new find: Italian-style takeaway pasta at Piatto di Pasta. Purely pasta. Not that oily crap you get at cafes and takeaway food stores. And a few sweet things in a cabinet.

I can’t say I’ve had amazing pasta at a takeaway joint before. I look at an oil-slicken tray of cold pasta with some processed pesto and a couple of veggies and that literally sums up the taste experience.

I’ve been reading a few blogs lately where people post at least two separate occasions of going to a place to ‘judge’ how good it is but honestly, ain’t nobody got time (or at times money) for that. I’ll go once, and if a place sets a good impression it’ll go up on ze blog. If it ends up disappointing, I say to myself ‘you’re not a food critic so you have no right to defame a business on a flimsy little food blog’. So yeah, that’s how it goes!

I can’t tell you how much I adore the colour scheme and overall layout of this new kid on the Henry Deane Plaza block. I love earthy greens, bold reds (and there’s a cute red Vespa out the front too!) and bright pops of colour on the intricate tiling – not pictured but really pretty – and industrial lighting. The simplicity of the food really shines through too.

Simple menu of seven dishes.

Basically you have the option of a handful of pastas with different sauces, such as Napolitana ($8.50), Bolognese ($9.90) and Basil Chicken ($10.90). Then you choose what pasta shape you’d prefer (great concept): Maccheroni, Fusilli or Penne. I’m that veg freak who prefers the goodness of vegetables to creamy meat-based dishes any day so Ratatouille ($9.90) was the preferred choice. Each order is made fresh from the par-cooked pasta displayed (I guess they’re trying to fill up space?) at the cold bar.

There is no such thing as a small portion of pasta.

I love good pasta and this was great! The dish was perfectly cooked, a little beyond ‘al dente’ which is good for us ‘western’ folk, the vegetables were sweet and creamy and the tomato-based sauce was flavourful.

Piatto di Pasta, 2 Lee Street Sydney NSW 2000, (02) 8040 5845. 

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  1. grabyourfork · · Reply

    Aww those little pasta boxes are so cute!

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