Three Williams

Certain areas which were oft neglected and overlooked are now gaining a new reputation and a more positive light. If you hadn’t noticed, city café goers are now digging the exposed brickwork/industrial/minimalistic feel to spaces which were once designed only for eating and socialising.

It seems we have reached a new era – we don’t want cosy and ‘lived in’ anymore. A café’s appearance is now equally as important as the origin of its beans, its inventive salads and the clever flavour combinations of its sambos.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Especially when you take a look inside Three Williams – you’d expect such a cool fitout to house beautiful homewares, artworks and furniture. I’ve started dedicating more blog space to design than to food – have you noticed? Forgive me, it’s all so breathtaking is all.

The food is just as exceptional, with a short and sweet menu that will leave you pondering for quite some time. Somehow, a simple description on a succint menu boggles the mind – do I want a glazed beef brisket narnie (house made naan-style bread)? Am I in a coconut bircher mood? Ahhh!

The dodgy camera and low-lighting don’t do justice to this pretty salad!

But I’m more than happy with my choice of Caramelised Cauliflower Tabouli with Quinoa, Walnuts and Preserved Lemon ($14) and lonely Fish Croquette with Lemon and Aioli ($3 each). The cauliflower florets give in at the will of the fork and are sweet –  the crunch of the walnuts and salty zing of the preserved lemon gives the dish some depth. The croquette is simply yum! Crunchy with smooth innards and a mellow aioli making the perfect accompaniment.

My companion seems equally satisfied with his generous Spicy Smashed Beans with Avocado on Charred Toast with Poached Eggs ($16) and smooth Long Black ($3). The staff are so inviting and friendly that if you took away all the hype, this alone would mean success for this delightful Redfern spot.

Three Williams, 613a Elizabeth Street Redfern NSW 2016, (02) 9698 1111. Find them on Facebook and Twitter


  1. grabyourfork · · Reply

    The cauliflower salad is lovely isn’t it? And I love the presentation (and taste!) of their fish croquettes too.

  2. It all looks great – I want to go now to try it all :)

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