Made by Others

Hellooo! This post was a LONG time coming indeed. I have so much to tell but at the risk of being an epically-oversharing blog, I’ll just outline the bare bones of all the things that are happening in my life:

#1 I got a full-time job a week after I graduated (yes, I am that young, and yes, I still live in regional NSW so I travel 2.5 hours one way to get to work..will explain if you move onto bullet point #3).

#2 I’m going to India in 3 days! This is crazy for me, I am the queen of ‘comfort zone’ but it’s a volunteering program with my uni and literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. ‘Challenging’ is an understatement but it’s going to be quite the adventure indeed. Best of all though, the fantastic organisation I’m going with is making a huge, real difference to the lives of rural children and their communities throughout India.

#3 By now, you’re probably thinking: Oversharing much? Why do you travel so much!? So, I’ve got answers – yes, I’ve stepped into oversharing territory but so what? You’re still reading aren’t you? And *drumroll* I might finally move to the big city (aka Sydney) sometime after my month in India is over!

Now that I’ve explained myself, let’s move onto the goodies shall we?

Made by Others is such a beautiful little store – both a café and an art+design space showcasing stunning creations of every type imagineable by Australian and international designers. You could lose yourself for a whole afternoon here. If I had a house, this is how I imagine it’d look.

The shop is located in Moss Vale; a very casual country town with the usual pie shops, pubs and bakeries. Made by Others doesn’t quite fit the scene. It’s probably more deserving of a busy boutique shopfront in Paddington or Waterloo, perhaps.

Every piece displayed in store means a great deal to the owners – you can tell by the way each unique item is handled with care and doted over. I think this just comes down to the passion, heart and soul that goes into keeping this lonely store alive against all the odds.

If you enjoy cutesy homewares, knitted things, kitschy socks, one-off pieces of jewellery, floral tunic dresses and the like, this is your dream.

The coffee is good, the tea refreshing and the tiny cakes, biscuits and slices as delicious as they are pretty. My Raspberry Chocolate Tart ($4) was rich but airy and my friend’s Chocolate Brownie had I ain’t sharing this written all over it.

So spend a while wondering through the spacious store and fall in love with inventive creations you never knew existed. There is something to discover around every corner.

Made by Others, Shop 2, 366 Argyle Street, Moss Vale NSW 2577, (02) 4868 2026. Find them on Facebook.


  1. Quirky stores like these are always a great place to have a relaxing wander. And wow hope you have an amazing time in India!

    1. Agreed, if only I could afford to buy more!
      Thank you! It will definitely be amazing.

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