Strange Seaweed Snacks. And I’m Back!

Why, hello there!

I’m back from India!

I have a huge post coming up soon on my weird, wonderful, crazy, phenomenal (every other adjective imagineable) adventure into the land of temples, rickshaws, bucket showers and whatnot.

I started work literally a day after I arrived and have not had time to edit and prettify my pictures so bear with me (it’s worth it I promise!).

For now, I only have time for a short but sweet post. By now, you probably know I’m a die-hard Asian snack fan..I just find them so much more exciting than their Western counterparts. And they have pretty packaging. And they taste amazing – well, most of the time anyway..

I came across these last week at this Asian grocer inside Town Hall station. Can’t quite remember the store’s name but it’s a Korean snack so it shouldn’t be too hard to find around town.

Korea’s idea of a beer snack.

Name: HaeMiRak Gimbasaki Almond Seaweed Snack  (RRP: Varies but around $1-$2)


  • Only 87 calories for the whole packet!
  • Short ingredient list with familiar words
  • Seaweed slices with crushed almonds in between


Although not a ‘filling’ snack, these are so yummy and relatively good for you (which is really rare in an Asian snack) so you won’t have to think twice before finishing the whole thing. A great work/uni/school snack that is low in carbs, sugar, salt and fat. I’m giving them a well-deserved 4.5 out of 5 and I will definitely be stocking up on these soon!


  1. I’m in love with those! I found another brand that does amazing ones too.. Shall let you know! My other similar obsession at the moment are dried apple chips.. Cinnamon flavour = amazing

  2. Dried apple chips are amazing!
    I just tried dried coconut chips at Taste Festival yesterday – defs one to try!

  3. I’m selling from korea this one. very famous :)

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