Bao Bun (Closed)

Ever encountered a moment, perhaps a single minute or a whole day even, where everything is going exactly as planned and you are living in the moment? And you wish the silly little moment would just last forever? And then the moment disappears and either it stays with you or just waddles off into the nether regions of your brain?

We need more of those in life.

I have been unbelievably – okay, overwhelmingly – busy over the last couple of weeks and living in the moment has become a dream I can’t quite grab and fear I’ll never have a hold of. I’m attempting to do so much, in such a short space of time, that I can’t even remember what I did yesterday.

No joke.

And I’m only 20.

I’ve been trying to juggle a full time job, finding a new replacement job, moving out of home and having a social life – all at once. It’s amazing what we can put ourselves through in a bid to have it all.

Last week was a bit of an eye opener. In my lunch break, I planned to catch up with one of my closest friends who I haven’t seen for yonks! We planned to go to this new Korean bao store – Bao Bun – in the outdoor food court at World Square. I was excited about the catch up and the Korean food (yes, it’s trending and we all know how much I try to stay away from trends but it’s BAO for goodness sake!). We met, chatted, ate bibimbap, tried some delicious (free!) bao samples and got onto talking about how we seem to live for the future and how stressy this makes life sometimes. Ironically enough, I was thinking about how much work I had to do that afternoon. Whilst trying to embrace that nice moment, with good weather, good food and good company.

I ordered the Miso Fish Bibimbap ($10) with sesame sauce whilst my pal ordered the Miso Chicken Bibimbap ($10) with miso sauce. It was a tad unusual that the bibimbap base – the veg, noodles and egg – was already assembled and only the rice was heated up. As Bao Bun are new here, I’m sure things will change but at least the veg was nicely seasoned, cooked Korean-style with a nice marinade of sorts and the noodles were perfectly chewy too. The downfall would have to be that the rice portion was huge and I wanted more sauce but you can’t really have it all, can you?

The fun part – mix away.

The slightly off-putting element was the rubbery fish which didn’t flake or looked like jelly from a distance. Ah well, it’ll get better I’m sure. We also sampled the miso chicken bao with a creamy mayo and lettuce filling, which was deliciously doughy.

Ahhh so adorable!

I had my eye on the gorgeous onigiri with wacky fillings but I have only one stomach unfortunately (first world dilemma). But there’s always a next time, and I hope city slickers embrace this place – it has loads of potential.

I know this post wasn’t entirely food-related but I hope the message was clear enough: Enjoy the moment. Embrace the present. Especially when eating bao.

Bao Bun, World Square, Upper Ground Level, Liverpool Lane.


  1. Place appears to be closed now – shame.

    1. Damn! This is happening so often in Sydney :(
      I’ll update the post!

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