Chocolate Saves The Day

Sometimes I just want a space to vent, a place where I can scribble down random thoughts and chaotic days. Just so I don’t forget them. A notebook isn’t enough, the paper ageing quicker and more gracefully than my mind ever would.

These are the times when the Internet becomes a blessing – because lucky for me, you guys are here. I don’t know how many but I appreciate y’all making the time to listen to my thoughts. So here’s the story.

The day started fairly boringly, it was sometime in Easter, and I was going to Marrickville to inspect a promising flat. It was quite a sunny, actually make that freaking hot, day but the weather predicting machine (a la Google) was way off the mark so I was strolling around with a heavy jacket linked to my arm and a loaded bag jangling on the other.

I had heard that the Marrickville Organic Food and Farmers Markets were worth exploring so a long while later, I found the marketplace and explore I did. Tasting French cheeses at La-Planchette Berbigier (my first ever real cheese tasting – thank you to the lovely French man for being so patient with my lack of fromage knowledge) and being transported to yesteryear with tattered second-hand books and leather boots. Eating amazing – probably best EVER – corn fritters from the peeps at Fritter House and just wandering around chatting with passionate stallholders over their goods.

Corn Fritters with House Salad, Roast Capsicum Relish, Minted Yoghurt, Aioli and Dukkah ($7) 

At the furthest end of the markets was a hall of some sort, with a variety of stalls that most market-goers wouldn’t even notice due to their hidden nature. I made my way through the vibrant enclosed space and came across a stall selling ethically sourced single-origin chocolate – Cicada Artisan Chocolate. Oh, did I mention that I had given in to the oh-so-trendy 8-week I Quit Sugar challenge? Look, it really was for the sake of curiosity. And if I were the cat, curiosity almost killed it. And yes, I am that crazy. But no, I was not that addicted to the sweet stuff, I merely wanted to see if the idea was feasible in a country such as ours. It is possible and I do recommend it but it is NOT for the faint-hearted; I’ll tell you that much.

Anyhow. So chocolate was out of the question right? Wrong! I was in complete awe when the stallholder directed me to their 99% Pure Cacao Bar ($6). At that point, I hadn’t touched chocolate in over four weeks, suffice to say, I was near giving in entirely and gorging myself on deep-fried, sugar-drenched cinnamon donuts. I bought two bars instantly, for only $12 in total, and made my way out of the markets in glee. Towards the flat I went.

I clambered all the way back to Marrickville station – a good half hour trek – and onto Dulwich Hill station to go find me a flat! It took another twenty minutes or so to locate said flat and upon knocking on the door, I found nobody to be home. So, of course, I checked Facebook and discovered that the inspection was to be cancelled for one reason or another. I was bummed. I picked up my now groaning bag (filled with freshly roasted nuts and raw cacao powder as well as my little chocolate beauties)  and headed off home.

I reached the station with tight calves and aching feet. This day cannot be saved, I’d like to think I said to myself. A little wait again saw me unravelling the gleaming gold foil of the chocolate. Would 99% dark be the death of me, even with my now sweet-sensitive tastebuds? I popped a piece into my mouth and was all but shocked to discover that this tiny piece of goodness was the best damn chocolate I’d ever had. Rich, creamy and velvety, and much sweeter than I expected it to be. Was this my tastebuds ‘recalibrating’, as Sarah Wilson would say? In any case, it might just be the perfect bar of chocolate I ever did try.

Marrickville Organic Food and Farmers Markets, The Addison Road Centre, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204, (02) 9999 2226.


  1. I can only imagine how good that chocolate tasted! lol. Happy flat-hunting too.

  2. They stock online Helen! If you want mind-bogglingly good chocolate:

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