Protein Schmotein!

My favourite kind of post: product reviews! I think I hit a jackpot when I discovered the joys of posting on my favourite products and rating them. It almost makes criticising something seem like a nice thing to do. Well, kind of.

But you’re here to find out about a protein bar that is definitely not your average rock hard, chemically-engineered piece of god-knows-what that you usually find in gyms and health food stores. Let me introduce you to the protein bar that almost feels not like a protein bar at all, but could even be considered a dessert. Say hello to my new friend, the Quest Bar.

Look at all them pretties!

The super innovative team at Quest Nutrition’s products were a long time coming to Australian shores. When I first found out about this all-natural bar, I got all excited until I realised the only way I could finally try them was to order online. And pay the postage. Screw that! In the US, each bar retails at around $2 to $3 but here, bars can sell anywhere up to $8, it’s pretty crazy. But then again, when did we ever get lucky in terms of price. Um, never? Correct!

After almost two years of trying to find the highly raved about Quest Bar at health food shops, I finally rested my eyes upon them at my local GNC. I literally turned into a fan girl zombie, and my eyes sparkled at these precious beauties I could finally sink my teeth into. I may or may not have weirded out the lady at the counter. But she was nice enough, discussing how popular the range was and her favourite flavours.

Here’s the review, keep in mind there are over 16 different flavours – think PB&J, Double Choc Chunk, Cookies & Cream (their most recent, already sold out all over: dammit!) – and they also do protein peanut butter cups and even their own pasta range. This was my favourite out of all six bars I tried but I am so excited to continue trying new flavours woo!

Name: Quest Bar Banana Nut Muffin (RRP: $3.95)


– Gluten free
– 20g protein, only 2g sugar and 5g carbs
– 64% of your daily fibre intake
– 170 calories per bar


As you can tell from the plasticky-looking texture of the bar, Quest Bars are pretty dense, just sweet enough and slightly chewy. People tend to use them in smoothies, protein shakes, muffins, cakes and all sorts of concoctions because of their smooth quality and ability to melt when heated. That’s why many people, including myself, prefer microwaving for around 30 seconds to really fall in love with these. The texture becomes literally cake-like, all creamy and nutty and just really delicious! This bar was so good, with a genuine banana flavour coming through and crunchy nut pieces to add a textural element. Highly recommend you try this protein bar as an afternoon snack, a pre or post-workout energy booster or even as a dessert, it’s that yum.


Quest Bar flavours are quite hit-and-miss, you really need to try them all to find the ones you really love but so far, this is my favourite. I don’t do this often but honestly, this bar receives a very deserving 5 out of 5.


  1. I am in love with these! At the moment double choc chunk is my go-to, but PB&J, White Choc Raspberry and Banana Nut Muffin are close contenders…

    1. Must try White Choc Raspberry! Still can’t find anywhere that hasn’t run out of Cookies+Cream haha.

  2. Have heard a few people raving on about these! Impressed by the range of flavours!

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