A couple of weeks back, I attended the Think.Eat.Save. OzHarvest event where corporate professionals and a motley bunch of city folk joined in to raise awareness about rescued fresh produce.

Last year, OzHarvest aimed for 5,000 people to share in a free meal made with rescued veg and rice. This year, supporting the worldwide Think.Eat.Save campaign once again, OzHarvest’s hard work and dedication topped that number to feed over 10,000 mouths! What was so brilliant was that the same event also took place in Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle and Melbourne. To run an event with such a multitude of people – throughout Australia – is a huge success for the volunteers and OzHarvest crew.

Now onto the food. Let’s play a guessing game. What dish can be slow cooked in a relatively short amount of time, say, just in time to feed 10K by lunch? Curry, did you say? *Buh-bohm* Tagine of course! The super efficient volunteers give you a cute little package of steamy tagine, fluffy rice, a choice of dips and even some warm chapatti and you go find a seat in the congested surrounds of the CBD. I don’t think it’s right to critique food that has been lovingly created – all for free – so there’s no need to go into depth here.

The meal was comfort food at its best and I finished it without a worry in the world. Of course, they also served dessert so off we went to an even longer line for saved apple, peach and Heilala vanilla stew with Brasserie Bread crumbs on top and finished with a nice drizzle of pouring cream. Such a picturesque little plate!

In the meantime, I spotted some celebrity faces which was a great way to pass time. Nat Barr from Sunrise sneaked her way in (rather obviously I might add), Frank Cammorra and Somer Sivrioglu were manning the tagine stations and yet again, I saw Maeve O’Meara’s cheerful grin whilst serving hungry liner-uppers.

Again (I’ve lost count how many times I’ve lagged posting!) you’ll have to bear with me – whether or not this is an overshare is your choice – as a month ago, I moved into a share house in the beautiful, blissful, beachy life of Bondi. I’m playing the role of landlady so all that’s been on my mind as of late is magnetic key cards, bond payments and kitchen refittings. I’m living in the most art deco apartment I’ve ever personally encountered but it’s warm enough inside in the chilly winter cold that I’d prefer my shimmering wallpaper to trying to find a more modern landscape to house my belongings.

What am I saying, it’s Bondi, it’s totes worth it! Nah that wasn’t hipster talk, promise, they’ve already got enough of that covered here!

On another note, I’ve got so many exciting foodie destinations to explore in my new hood (and hopefully not-so-temporary because I finally feel like I’ve found my spirit animal in might just be that we connect deeply on the basis of brunch and gelato around every corner..) so expect lots of ultra pretty café posts soon. Oh, and if you hadn’t realised by now, I never got around to doing a big post on my adventures in India like I had envisioned but that is definitely still on the cards. In the near future (no pressure!).


  1. Lovely post! It looks like such a nice event and very worthwhile.

    Looking forward to hearing of your adventures in India and perhaps even some recipes ;-)

  2. Thank you kindly!

    Oh there will definitely be a recipe post soon, keep your eyes peeled!

  3. Looking forward to your upcoming posts as you explore your new hood!

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