Brunch By The Beach

The time between posts is inevitably getting longer and longer. Remember how I mentioned I now live in a semi-run-down art deco flat in Bondi? Well with all the hoarded crap (I threw a lot of stuff out of a housemates’ room today and the strange objects I came across included: green apple ‘transparent’ soap from Russia, liquid food sweetener that is a decade old, ACTUAL Easter eggs that had rotted away on the inside but were painted deceivingly bright on the outer and so much other unnecessary junk!). It’s hard to imagine what a person thinks when they keep sentiments that are over 30 years old, surely our 85-year old property owner is aware that this is insanity? Ah well, you should’ve seen this flat when I first leased it out! Yeesh – it’s come a long way. So that sums up pretty much why I disappeared into the black hole that is running a shared household. The good news is that we got an oven and a stovetop installed last week! Wheeee! And this means I’ll be cooking more and hopefully sharing some recipe love too.

Friday was a bright and sunny day – both within my ‘hood and inside my brain. I met up with a friend I lived with in India (on my 40K trip) and we ventured out to find a new brunch spot. I was ultra excited as I haven’t really been going outside much and the outer world does me good. We were thinking the Instafamous Porch and Parlour but we got lazy and opted for something a little closer: Bondi Massive. Am I the only one who conjures up thoughts of hipsters, beards and surfboards when they hear these words combined? I have no clue what ‘massive’ is supposed to mean in this context but I bet some swanky bearded man with multi-coloured tatts made it up. Strange.

The beachside café is lovely to look – dark timber tables, cushioned square stools, warm industrial lighting and shelves stacked with all sorts of edible things. I love the vibe here. I especially adore the postcard view when the large windows from both sides of the café open up so you feel completely immersed in the surroundings.

Jo is juice-crazy so she ordered the Mix It Up which gives you the option of a combination of goodies – this one was simply carrot with ginger ($6.5). I’ve never been much of a juice junkie but the tall, vibrant glass was surprisingly good – the ginger gives it a spicy kick that’s subtle rather than overpowering.

After perusing the menu and making my mind up on the Eggs Benedict, I was told the dish was unavailable so this was a great opportunity to eye the specials board. I’m so glad I did because the Avocado Smash with Poached Egg, Goat’s Cheese Feta, Baby Heirloom Tomato and Mint Salad on Organic Sourdough ($17) was exactly what I felt like. Jo opted for the sweet option – House Baked Crunchy Granola ($12.5) served with milk, yoghurt, mixed berries and apple compote. The look on my fellow foodie’s face said it all; a gleeful expression is always a positive. My avocado smash was on par with the version I had at Lox, Stock & Barrel – it’s obvious when quality ingredients are used. The avocado was creamy and chunky, with fresh pops of tangy tomato and tart feta and a gooey-centred egg. Perfect. A great start to the day and a fantastic way to begin brunching adventures in beachy Bondi.

Afterwards, we made our way up towards Oxford Street and I had a luscious lactose-free latte and choc-coconut protein ball at the Paleo Café, which is all sorts of amazing (outstanding service, innovative dairy-, sugar- and grain-free brekkie and lunch options) even though I think the Paleo diet is pointless. I might have jumped for joy at my second visit to Naked Foods. All glory be to the land of bulk-buying! I cannot explain how much elation I get from being in this store. The shop is basically two narrow aisles with containers consisting of a huge variety of flours, choc-coated anything and everything, spices, grains, pulses, dried fruits, trail mixes, muesli…even shampoo! Damn brain, why couldn’t you have come up with this genius idea first!? I can’t predict how long I’ll be in this one-of-a-kind area but I’m going to make every second count. Maybe on a budget though…

Bondi Massive. 2/8 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach NSW, (02) 9365 5738. Find them on Facebook.

Paleo Café 310/330 Oxford St, Bondi Junction NSW, (02) 9386 0163. Find them on Facebook.

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