French Cookies to Rock Your World.

PRODUCT REVIEW WOO! Did I ever mention I always had this dream that one day I’d either become a competitive eater – of ice cream to be exact – or a taste tester like the people you see in the show Recipe to Riches? What a strange girl I am. I’m going to blame my obsession with watching every episode of Man v. Food on YouTube on days where I had no uni assignments to catch up on. Such a great show; watch but don’t ever try at home. So here’s a product I randomly came across at the supermarket after dinner at a Balkan restaurant yesterday night – check out (and follow!) my newly-made Instagram (@the.hungry.plum) for that gorgeous salad. I’d consider biscuits and/or cookies some of my favourite non-healthy foods. Some will splurge on half a row of Tim Tams or won’t be content after half a family sized pizza but because I don’t find that necessary to satiate my cravings, my ‘splurges’ are not that at all, they are delicious things I appreciate in small portions. That sounds sissy but this doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate junk food, it just means I’d rather not feel like crap after eating these foods.

Growing up in Western Sydney, Asian supermarkets were ordinary things you’d explore to uncover amazing snacks. There were two I drooled over: Lotte Waffle Biscuits, with their ridged golden surface and mildly sweet waffle flavour and the beautifully packaged Orion Gosomi Snack which is the perfect balance between nutty, sweet and salty (please please please go try these two and soon you’ll start choosing them over your everyday Arnott’s biscuits!). Well I’m adding French biscuits to my team of night time pick-me-ups and here’s my first experience.

Name: Pierre Biscuiterie French Pure Butter Cookies (RRP varies between $3-$5)


– Kudos to the cute packaging which features a clichéd Frenchie character (actually a biscuit) wearing a striped shirt and beret
– Portioned packs – only 150 calories per serving and that’s five rather large biscuits
– Only 9 all-natural ingredients (no chemical equations to decode)
– Trans-fat and GMO free
– 2g protein per serve (I’m hoping a biscuit isn’t your main source of protein but pretty comical anyway)


I haven’t tried the all-important tea dunking test to see whether these babies can stand up to the heat but on their own they are crisp, buttery, crumbly and just really yum. I think this will replace my Arnott’s Arrowroots in the cupboard pretty quickly as I’m convinced that they are a great product. For all features – including taste, texture, price – I’m giving an impressive 4.5 out of 5. I wonder if I could become a biscuit taste tester…how amazing would that be.


  1. I’ve never seen these before but now I really want some!

    1. They are actually that good Helen! Go buy a pack; I got mine from IGA! 😋

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