Ice Cream Equals Happiness

Helloooooo beautiful people! I hope you enjoyed the India post, I put a lot of effort into that one to bring in the new year! Okay I’ll stop boasting, promise.

I never mentioned it (I’m spontaneous like that) but I just returned from a month-long trip to Belgium and Turkey! I’d never been to visit my extended family (at least 60 all up! Cousins, uncles, aunts..) and as they reside in these two countries, I felt it was the right time to finally introduce myself to them.

I’ll make a post of the trip later in the year but all I can say is meeting your family for the first time ever is all kinds of overwhelming, surreal and hard to sum into words. The connections you have with people you’ve never even seen before the minute you give them a big, heartfelt hug is indescribable. The feeling is like: ‘Wow, you look like me and sometimes you even act like me and now I’m weirded out’. I had an absolute blast, so much fun getting to know my abundance of extended family!

I’m keeping this post short and simple because it is only a glimpse into Turkey’s love affair with pistachios! Pistachio ice cream, pistachio baklava, pistachio chocolate, you name it, they have it. And they love the stuff. This was at Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul and it was mouth-wateringly good. Let’s get into the review shall we?

Name: Magnum Antep Fistik


– Real Turkish pistachio pieces
– Same great Magnum taste and texture
– When on holiday, nutritional info does not count!


Turks love pistachio-flavoured anything and now I’ve jumped onto the bandwagon. What’s so great is that in Australia, pistachios are quite expensive so almonds usually take their place but they are held in such an honourable status in Turkey that you can enjoy these gorgeous specimens in almost any dessert. It’s a little over the top but one of my favourite flavours in the Magnum range now! The outer is all thick, dark, Magnum-quality chocolate with pistachio flakes throughout and it shatters and melts the minute it touches your lips. The insides are dusty green – in true pistachio-style – and the flavour not overly sweet but rich, creamy and generous in pistachio pieces. I so wish I could have found this again in Turkey but in the depths of winter they lock the ice cream freezers in convenience stores! Ah well, I won’t forget this flavour quickly, that’s for sure. A well-deserving 5 out of 5 for this pretty little thing.


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  1. omg that pistachio Magnum sounds amazing. Why don’t we have these!

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