Nutty Love Affair

Oh my gawd. I have a permanent-seeming writers’ fog but my little plummy adventures are still getting the odd view here and there. I love you, blogosphere. So quick fill-in to ‘relate to readers on a personal level’, haha too far?  I’ve moved to funky, industrial-chic Rosebery (the concrete jungle with hip cafés and brilliant bakeries). I love living with my bestie and I love how clean and fresh my apartment is – such a great place to unwind  after a long day of working in a major tech company. I do love my job though, just sayin’.

Enough rants, time for a product review! Sometimes I dream of becoming a taste tester who receives free products from up-and-coming clients and gets to taste a whoopload of delicious goodies. Oh how I luuuurve a good daydream. Okay end second rant…

You’re going to love this yummy thing if you dig American snacks. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Hot Tamales, Dr Pepper and plastic-flavoured Pop Tarts but this is not in the ‘so gross it’s amazing’ category. Phew.

Name: The Original Pocket Pretzels (RRP $1-$3)


– Trans-fat free

– Preservative-free

– Oven-baked

– Only 150 calories for 11 pretzels (though I ate the whole 3 serving bag oops)


Firstly, may I just say, for a country as developed as the US with such easy accessibility to pretty much everything, they sure love their old-school packaging. It works in this case because it’s an all-American brand which started out in the 80s, but can we move past the tacky logos and bold, bright colours already? Pocket pretzels are omg addictive, I literally couldn’t stop. Salty, crunchy pretzel coating and creamy, nutty, not-sweet insides were a perfect combo. Yum! All things thought out, I’ll say a 4 out of 5 rating for this retro beauty.


One comment

  1. grabyourfork · · Reply

    I love the American obsession with both peanut butter and pretzels! Together they’re a wondrous thing. Have often thought these would be awesome on an ice cream sundae, like a DIY version of Chubby Hubby!

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