Torrential Downpours and Vegan Love

I love a good surprise. Unplanned things, adventures into the unknown. I live for spontaneity. Because why? It’s such a content-filled life when you’re not planning everything meticulously and living for to-do lists. I used to freak out when I didn’t remember what I did yesterday but now I embrace it. You ask why again? Because if I really wanted to, I’d recall every little element of yesterday. But I don’t. I live for the here and the now.

So when my best pals suggested we take a day trip to the Blue Mountains, I couldn’t say no. The drive up was stunning. Then a torrential downpour happened; it just added to the fantasy-like quality of getting beyond Sydney so it didn’t faze me one bit. As you get higher and higher into the mountains, the picturesque landscape becomes even more beautiful. Narrow tree-lined roads, shopfronts decked out in forest green doors, gold-rimmed windows and old-style fonts for store names. It’s so similar to Mittagong – though even cosier and more tight-knit.

The next surprise would have to be finding a vegan café (I know yayyyyy!) up a staircase in a small arcade in tourist-laden Leura. Please visit this area at least once in your life – you’re going to fall in love I promise. As rainy and gloomy as the day was, that’s how much in turn Rubyfruit Café was buzzing and alive. In fact, we had to wait a good twenty minutes before being served – they were flat-out. Upon arrival, we chose a couple of (massive) Soy Chocolate Milkshakes ($9 each) which is not usually my thing, but hey, my friends can be pretty persuasive. Oh yum! Like seriously, I didn’t know soy could taste this good. If every milkshake made with soy tasted that good, it’d be a national day by now. Now I have to be honest, as awkward as it may be. I scoffed the milkshake so fast that I literally couldn’t take a bite of my food when it came out. I was filled to the seams with milkshake so technically, I ate my meal on my way home. But it was as delicious a meal as you’d want at a vegan café in regional NSW.

I opted for the Oriental Bowl ($19.50) which was the prettiest plate I’ve seen in a while. It came with greens, tomato, grapefruit, nori, avocado, tamari and ginger tempeh, soba noodles and a miso dressing and was out-of-this-world healthifying. My insides were bowing down to my brain singing praise to my innards. It just worked so well I was kinda gobsmacked. Yes, I love a good superlative but you know what I mean (I know you do because you’ve read this far into the post already).

Friend #1 has a normal man-sized appetite so he unregretfully picked The Ruby Burger ($15.50), stacked high into a wholemeal bun with a house-made black bean, beetroot and brown rice pattie, greens, tomato, grated carrot, ketchup and vegan mayo. If my friends are reading this by any chance, know that I really did have food envy the whole time.

Friend #2 made the right choice with the Satay Tofu Wrap ($13.50) – tofu in a peanut sauce with greens, Spanish onion, grated carrot, tomato and crushed nuts encased in a wholegrain wrap with choice side salad. Both meals were inhaled so I’m assuming that means each was as delicious as my own. I was eyeing the vegan desserts in the cabinet on my way out and as I piled my hearty salad into a takeaway container, accepted food defeat and promised myself I’d be back for them.

Rubyfruit Café, Shop 10, 166-168 Leura Mall, Leura NSW 2780, 0432 963 663, find them on Facebook.

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