Vegemite Meets Chocolate – The Verdict

How very strange for Vegemite and Cadbury to collab this way! When I first heard about it, I thought it was a prank but they ain’t joking peeps! For those of you unfortunate enough not to have grown up with the salty, unami-flavoured spread, Vegemite is a thing of beauty. I’m sure you’ve Googled it at least once in your life so you know the best way to eat it – a thin smear on a thick layer of melted butter on toast (and WARM, must be warm). Yum. Ignore Jimmy Fallon, the clichĂ© of spreading some good ol’ Vego as thick as Nutella is idiotic at the best of times. So yes, it was the shock of the world when the milk chocolate superpower decided to combine forces with the quintessentially Australian breakfast condiment. Let’s talk flavour shall we?

Name: Cadbury Dairy Milk Vegemite (RRP $3.50)


– Milk chocolate squares filled with smooth flowing caramel and Vegemite
– 3 teaspoons of sugar per serve (I’m not usually the biggest milk chocolate fan but this one was a must)
– New resealable packaging for no-mess eating
– Limited edition so get on it quick!


I’m not one to shy away from adventurous flavour combos but I was super hesitant to try this. I was dying to sink my teeth into it and curiosity made me head over to Coles just for this but would you believe the block sat two days in my pantry before I was ready for it. I know, I’ve become awfully petty. What a deceiving block of choc! Upon opening up the contents, it looks like any other block of chocolate but the real surprise is that first bite. I let a piece melt on my tongue so I could taste every single ‘note’ (oh boy she’s gone all coffee/wine tasting now..) and what happened next surprised me. I actually enjoyed this! I mean, the rich brown caramel looks appetising enough and you get juuuust the slightest twang of salty Vegemite goodness. I am more than happy to say: IT WORKS. With flying colours? Maybe even so. I enjoyed it but the aftertaste is not so amazing so you probably want a palate cleanser after this sensation. I’m giving it a generous 4 out of 5. Does this mean I’d buy it again? Well, I don’t really eat Cadbury so probably not but the flavour was pretty spot on. Success!


  1. grabyourfork · · Reply

    This definitely grew on me. Would have preferred it if it was a harder caramel but I liked the salty Vegemite kick to it.

    1. I can’t imagine Cadbury investing in a hard caramel recipe haha! This is why I don’t like Caramellos – too liquidy!

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