On Being Clueless and Defining Me

Early this week, I went out for (what we thought would be) ice skating with a few colleagues from work. We got to Darling Harbour, taking in the wintery art installations and bright lights. Alas, we had missed the last session so moved onto the late-night shopping centre to get some food. It’s always interesting hanging out with people from work – we all get along so well in our mutual environment but I always wonder if we’ll have anything in common in the ‘real world’. A few of them started discussing gaming and Marvel comics (who is this Antman???) and I was listening attentively but had no clue whatsoever. 

It got me thinking the next morning, what are my hobbies? What do I squeal and shout over and could talk about for hours and hours? Yeah, we all know food is my biggest hobby but I felt the need to make up a list. What I discovered is, I have plenty of hobbies! Just not ones you’d probably talk to friends about on a regular basis. 

Design is one, I LOVE good design – whether it is scrolling through westelm‘s idea of the perfect lounge room on Instagram to analysing obscure art I really have no clue about in galleries and let’s not forget absorbing the beauty that is sitting inside a wonderfully-designed café or restaurant. I adore blogs, I’m sure that’s a hobby (right?). Mainly food-focused but fashion tickles my fancy when it’s minimal and doable too. Socialising? Let’s add that too. On a weekly basis, I’ll try to meet up with at least a handful of friends on separate occasions to catch up on what we’ve been devoting our lives too for the last few weeks. Our dreams, our thoughts – on feminism, our prime minister, Beyoncé, relationships, travelling, dysfunctional families and so on. I love to get into heated discussions about anything and everything. 

I could list a bunch of other things but then you’d discover I’m just a word nerd and that’s no fun to blog about at all. You know what’s another thing I love? Product reviews! So let’s get into it!
PS. I have sooooo many restaurants to open your world up to in the near future. Last week I had my birthday dinner at the chic dumpling bar with a yellow neon sign at Newtown by the name of Luyu + Yum Yum. An amazing friend spoiled me silly with a four-course dinner at elegant and oh-so-very-verrrrryyyy-French Guillaume in Paddington which simply took my breath away. Lots more to come in the next few months. 

Also, I discovered the highly user-friendly and clean interfaced WordPress app on my iPhone and now blogging is a hundred times easier! The reason why I haven’t blogged as frequently over the past year was because of a very clunky iPad and the WordPress website which would shut down a bunch of times. I’d be there happily typing away and soon after resort to sulking that it didn’t save and the page crashed AAAARRGGGHHHH. 


Cadbury Cherry Ripe Double Dipped – Special Edition (RRP $2.70)


– Cherry Ripe bar dipped twice in Old Gold dark chocolate 

– 230 calories per bar 

– 40% of your daily saturated fat intake  

– 26% of your daily sugar intake 


Cherry Ripe is no longer a one-of-a-kind bar. It’s brothers and sisters now involve: double dipped, dark chocolate, cherry ripe roll and other special edition versions. It’s great when Cadbury goes overboard isn’t it? I love a good hit of glacéd cherry and dessicated coconut coated in sweet glorious cocoa and I’m a sucker for dark chocolate so I thought I’d give it a try.    
Unwrap your bar and you’ll notice the double wall of Old Gold (70% Old Gold is the best Cadbury concoction you’ll ever try). It’s thick but not overly solid and the innards seem tiny in comparison. But honestly, it doesn’t taste all that different to the original Cherry Ripe so I’m not sure what to think. I think they played it safe this time, but there was so much potential! Not an amazing experience so I’m giving this bar a pleasantly neutral 3 out of 5. Get creative Cadbury. Our expectations are high.

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  1. grabyourfork · · Reply

    Haha yes socialising with workmates outside of work always adds an extra dimension to your work relationships!

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