Food Bloggers (Know How to Cook!)

Texting has become the new dialogue. I text waaaay more than I converse with people face to face as the modern world beckons for it. Don’t text back fast enough and we start to think you’re being a total anti-socialite. Ah the irony.

So a pal and I were texting about what I thought of the Sydney Food Bloggers Xmas Party 2015 (thanks so much Susan and Helen for the invite – I had a blast!) and we got on to the topic of writers in person versus writers in word form. What this really means, for lack of a better example, is that moment you meet someone you’ve been idolising for years and them either matching/exceeding your expectations or being anything but what you imagined. I don’t want to embarrass you, but Helen, I just wanted to say the grammatically perfect and mouth-wateringly colourful way you write exudes YOU. It’s creepy fan girl territory now but I think you’re pretty damn cool. Chocolatesuze smashing the Smash Cake!

Okay moving forward before things get weirder around here. Sunday was the 7th year for this pinnacle food blogger gathering and I got my first ever invite which was exciting as all hell! I took a while to come up with something to make because of the fear that comes with cooking to impress some of Sydney’s best bloggers.

As y’all know, I’m a shoddy baker as I’m the queen of substitutions so I forced myself to follow a gorgeous SBS Feast magazine recipe for speculoos – aka. European gingerbread. I’m obsessed with this stuff. I got hooked after my Europe trip last December and I’ll find any reason to indulge in it. It’s more subtle than regular gingerbread – more earthy and texturally interesting. As I had no previous year to base my efforts on, I went out on a limb and made a simple yet flavoursome cookie which I adored. The batter was amazing. I was so happy.The next day I was off to Studio Neon hidden away in a warehouse in Redfern where the event was being held and my heart was nearly jumping out of my chest. I had no idea what to expect. Were bloggers synonymous with their writing style? Would I find anyone to get along with? I arrived up the stairs to this funky, eclectic venue and was met with a MASSIVE table groaning with food of all sorts. It was like Alice in Wonderland but better, because this time I was Alice and I could devour as much as would fit into my lactose-sensitive tummy (ie. not nearly as much as I’d liked to). All I can say is, wow, food bloggers can most definitely cook. And very impressively. I’m sure every blogger who’s writing about the event will probably bow their hats to the ginormous and picture-perfect vegan chocolate cake (Rachel, I can’t find your blog but you rock!); gingerbread cookies shaped like mini burgers by Oh Burger Me; fluffy miso beef bao sliders by Mr and Mrs Chopsticks and a million other delicious bits and pieces.When faced with so much food, the brain forgets to compute what it sees so I ended up standing around a fair bit trying to figure out what I wanted to try. All I can say is, everything I did manage to squeeze onto my plate was brilliant – especially those fluffy green tea Madeleines by Eat Your Teacup and the chicken and tofu rice paper rolls made by Food is Our Religion. Get in my belly.

In comparison, my little speculoos cookies were particularly understated and didn’t stand out as much BUT when my stomach was crying out for me to stop eating, I counted and 13 out of 20 cookies were gone! Yaas, take that low self-esteem! Next year, be prepared for me to go crazy adventurous and hopefully blow you guys away with something comparative to all your wonderful goods. Thanks for a fab afternoon y’all.


  1. It’s funny i was thinking a few days ago about how your writing style differs from how you talk. Equally as enjoyable though 😊

    It’s a comforting feeling to know food bloggers can make such fantastic food! Considering how much I use food blogs to figure out the next places to eat at. That event looks like it was amazing!

    1. Ha! I love your honesty Alex! Yeah my writing style is a lot more ‘secret internal thoughts’ version of me :).

      Bloggers totally exceeded my expectations of cooking skills! So good!

  2. grabyourfork · · Reply

    lol you are far too kind Eva – and you’re also making me blush! So glad you could make it to the Xmas party, and also inordinately happy there are still people on the Internets who read, and don’t just look at all the pretty pictures. Haha!

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