Meat and Cheese and Pickles and Bun.

There aren’t a great deal of things I’d be happy doing day in, day out with this little life I’ve been given. There aren’t a million and one things I feel I simply must do before I’m 86 (the average life expectancy of an Australian woman). My hobbies aren’t brimming with thoughts of adventurous sports and wacky obsessions.

However, there is one thing I could do for hours on end and that is reading about burgers. Okay, it’s a little odd come to think of it. Yes, my friends, I’ve made a big fuss about how I detest food fads/trends but burgers are the only thing excluded from this matter in my mind. Humans are contradictory beings, aren’t they? If only it really was a black and white-washed world but grey lurks in the mind of anyone who’s more than twelve years old.

Thus why I’ve become a fervent Facebook user after maybe two or so years of simply not caring – all because of the ‘omg I’m such an exclusive loser’ Fatties Burger Appreciation Society.

I met a friend (let’s call him Fatty #1) who added me to the page to share in this weird and wonderful world of burger heaven. I’m in love. With beef and cheese and pickles and bun. Sesame or brioche, take your pick.

My point is edging towards introducing you to my hidden addiction with only the THIRD post in four years of blogging dedicated to a burger joint. Yuuuus. But sooo worth it, fasten your seatbelt (or loosen your belt) for this ride.The great thing about FBAS (it’s even worthy of an abbreviation!) is that Fatties (that’s what they’re called) get exclusive deals with burgerias all over Sydney. And this is how I discovered the Boscage x Chewy Burger pop-up.

The takeover was only in town for two days and my fellow burger fanatic and I trekked out to the prettier, greener side of Surry Hills to shove drippy burgers down our hungry throats. First impressions weren’t great as it was cash only but luckily Woolies wasn’t too far away. Our second attempt was a little smoother, we ordered, were given a number each and took a seat in this dim-lit wooden jungle.Boscage is quite a pretty place – a huge open kitchen with chefs vigorously flipping patties, seasoning fries, toasting buns. Such bliss to watch them work their way through fifty or so burger orders at once with agile skill. I’m a sucker for a classic hamburger. You know how it goes. The salad cuts through the heaviness of meat and cheese so that’s why hamburger always wins over cheeseburger if it’s an option.

Yas! They had a Solo ($12) burger which consisted of an Angus beef pattie, weirdly titled ‘special’ sauce, cheddar, caramelised onion, tomato, pickles and lettuce. Fatty #1 was feeling like his usual self and opted for double meat and bacon on the same burger ($2 extra for bacon; $3 extra for extra meat). We got the Trooper Fries ($5) to share (even though cream sauce and I are best frenemies forever). The spuds were smothered in special sauce, cheese sauce, crispy chicken bits and spring onion. The fries were a bit over their prime ‘golden nugget’ colour and the sauce soggied this baby up but the sauces did wonders to the mundaneness of fries.

My meal came out a few minutes earlier than my fellow fatty’s but it’s okay, that’s what you get for being a glutton. 

This specimen is why I joined this society in the first place – I can’t speak more highly of this beautiful little beast. Generous in size, glossy like a food magazine cover and just so desperately asking to be taken a photo of. ‘I’m gorgeous and I know it,’ it shouted at the top of its non-existent lungs. It was like a food stylist had put this thing together – so photogenic!

Anywho enough fan-girling let’s cut to the cheese. With each bite was the best unity of ingredients. The meat was medium-rare, well seasoned and juicy, the sauce was sweet and tangy and the pickles and salad cut through the sweetness of the soft, squidgy bun. I finished this far too quickly and now it stands in third position on my top 10. I won’t get into that yet; my burger experience is still in its naïvety.

 Fatty #1’s double pattie creation was inhaled in all of a few minutes. This guy’s on top of his burger game, if there is one meat sandwich he hasn’t yet tried, it probably doesn’t exist yet.   If Fatty #1 went back for seconds, in the form of the Bacca ($12) – pork katsu, special sauce, cabbage apple slaw, bonito flakes, nori and cheddar – then he really must’ve loved it. This mellow-hued Japanese-inspired offering was a big let down. The overpowering nori had made its way through the whole burger and its flavour overrode all others that came before it. He took a few bites and admitted defeat. I’m surprised this is their signature non-beef option, it really wasn’t anything special. But all in all, Chewy Burger was well worth the effort. They’ll be popping up in other locations in the near future so keep a lookout via their Instagram page!


  1. grabyourfork · · Reply

    Sydney has definitely reached burger frenzy. Didn’t manage to get along to this pop-up but I love the burger names. lol

    1. They’re adorable aren’t they?!

  2. Love it! Such great writing, Eva.

    1. Aw that’s so lovely, thank you Tim! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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