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Burgers Anonymous

You know those nights when it’s 11.27pm and you know that if you stay awake beyond half past, you will NOT be waking up to your 6.30am alarm the next morning? That is life for me. Each and every single working day, I will promise my body it will get its much-needed rest. And then […]

Meat and Cheese and Pickles and Bun.

There aren’t a great deal of things I’d be happy doing day in, day out with this little life I’ve been given. There aren’t a million and one things I feel I simply must do before I’m 86 (the average life expectancy of an Australian woman). My hobbies aren’t brimming with thoughts of adventurous sports […]

The Lord Gladstone Hotel

Have I ever mentioned I absolutely despise food ‘trends’ (this you might know..) and will do anything in my power to avoid succumbing to them? I got into macarons six months too late, a freak shake is bloody beautiful to look at but would be a nightmare to eat and no thanks, I’m not forking […]

Middle Eastern Adventure

There are those of us who hate surprises but I am one of those who loves a good unexpected event. When it’s a positive situation, that is. Australia Day turned out to be rather sad and droopy this year, with the sky turning a stormy grey right about when I was meeting a Melbourne-based friendwho […]

Three Williams

Certain areas which were oft neglected and overlooked are now gaining a new reputation and a more positive light. If you hadn’t noticed, city cafĂ© goers are now digging the exposed brickwork/industrial/minimalistic feel to spaces which were once designed only for eating and socialising. It seems we have reached a new era – we don’t […]

Purely Pasta (Closed)

Nothing excites me more than a new find: Italian-style takeaway pasta at Piatto di Pasta. Purely pasta. Not that oily crap you get at cafes and takeaway food stores. And a few sweet things in a cabinet. I can’t say I’ve had amazing pasta at a takeaway joint before. I look at an oil-slicken tray […]

Food Trucks United

You know how rare it is to find a food truck in Sydney? One of my friends recently came back from studying an exchange year in Pennsylvania and even the University of Pennsylvania has a bunch of food trucks lined up waiting for hungry students to devour their fare. In Sydney, however, you have to […]

Coffee Trails

Sometimes it is truly overwhelming thinking about the amount of ‘experience’ we try to fit into one body. l’ll go live in a far-off country to get away from it all, you say to yourself, but then decide the culture shock will be too great and leave it for later. I’ll go bungee jumping, I’ll […]