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Moon Park (Closed)

The creation of this blog – which was supposed to be nothing more than a journal of my thoughts (mainly food-focused as you can probably tell) – was merely a good idea to get experiences down so they weren’t swimming around inside my head. Recipes, restaurant/cafe reviews, product recommendations, adventures, opinions. But really, this blog […]

Bao Bun (Closed)

Ever encountered a moment, perhaps a single minute or a whole day even, where everything is going exactly as planned and you are living in the moment? And you wish the silly little moment would just last forever? And then the moment disappears and either it stays with you or just waddles off into the […]

Purely Pasta (Closed)

Nothing excites me more than a new find: Italian-style takeaway pasta at Piatto di Pasta. Purely pasta. Not that oily crap you get at cafes and takeaway food stores. And a few sweet things in a cabinet. I can’t say I’ve had amazing pasta at a takeaway joint before. I look at an oil-slicken tray […]

Food Trucks United

You know how rare it is to find a food truck in Sydney? One of my friends recently came back from studying an exchange year in Pennsylvania and even the University of Pennsylvania has a bunch of food trucks lined up waiting for hungry students to devour their fare. In Sydney, however, you have to […]

Just Chicken. Or More?

It’s a chicken shop people – just a chicken shop! But most will agree it’s so much more. So why the fuss? Amazing garlic sauce you say? Crispy-skinned charred chicken you say? Chicken shops aren’t usually all that exciting and don’t have crazy ass lines running up and down the store but ask anyone about […]

Malacca Straits on Broadway

When you find a rare treasure, you laugh gleefully at your luck. You also keep it hidden until you can no longer contain yourself and finally share it with other beings (cruel human nature!). Malacca Straits is one of those places you’ll never get sick of and never be let down by. It’s a beautiful little […]