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Purely Pasta (Closed)

Nothing excites me more than a new find: Italian-style takeaway pasta at Piatto di Pasta. Purely pasta. Not that oily crap you get at cafes and takeaway food stores. And a few sweet things in a cabinet. I can’t say I’ve had amazing pasta at a takeaway joint before. I look at an oil-slicken tray […]

Food Trucks United

You know how rare it is to find a food truck in Sydney? One of my friends recently came back from studying an exchange year in Pennsylvania and even the University of Pennsylvania has a bunch of food trucks lined up waiting for hungry students to devour their fare. In Sydney, however, you have to […]

Asian Bakery Love: Reignited

I remember the time when Asian bakery chains like Breadtop and Barby’s started luring people into their brightly-lit stores. I was probably mid-way through high school and I have fond memories of mum bringing home soft, sweet and über moist Japanese bread buns. She was even adventurous enough to buy some taro buns once (this […]

Coffee Trails

Sometimes it is truly overwhelming thinking about the amount of ‘experience’ we try to fit into one body. l’ll go live in a far-off country to get away from it all, you say to yourself, but then decide the culture shock will be too great and leave it for later. I’ll go bungee jumping, I’ll […]


After two decades of living on this planet, in a society with so many cuisines to choose from, you’d think I’d have tried Korean by now. In high school, almost half our school was made up of Korean kids (our sister school is in Korea, or so we’ve heard). It’s a tad daunting for me to […]

Poporo Takeru

You know how people are always referring to a certain place as their ‘local joint’? Well, to be honest, I don’t really have one. Because I actually live in a little town of 7000 called Mittagong. I know I call myself a Sydneysider but straight after high school, my family opened a shop (here’s some […]