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Asian Bakery Love: Reignited

I remember the time when Asian bakery chains like Breadtop and Barby’s started luring people into their brightly-lit stores. I was probably mid-way through high school and I have fond memories of mum bringing home soft, sweet and über moist Japanese bread buns. She was even adventurous enough to buy some taro buns once (this […]

Quirky Asian Snacks

I wasn’t planning on doing another product review so soon after the first but I’ve been so busy with essay writing, internships and reports etc that I will pull another convenient post out of my bag of tricks and hopefully you will approve. I’m a sucker for Asian snacks of any kind, sweet, savoury, perfectly […]

Tsuru Food Truck

Last Sunday the Rocks area near Sydney’s Circular Quay came alive with The Rocks Aroma Festival. For the festival, I only have positive things to say. The stalls were set out nicely and lured you in for exciting treats such as cupcakes from Sparkle Cupcakery, high-quality chocolates from Chocolarts, steaming hot spicy chai from the folks at Rainbow […]

Three Ropes Espresso

What do you think of when you hear the word Parramatta? I’ll go first: daggy, dodgy and in desperate need of a makeover. I know, it’s a tad harsh but hey, I grew up in this neighbourhood (gawd I seem like such a snob..) and it hasn’t changed much AT ALL. But don’t let these recollections deter you from visiting the diverse mix of restaurants, cafés […]

Birthday Cake Appreciation

Hey there! I’m glad to see that although I haven’t posted in a while (I’ll get to that soon), there is still traffic on my teensy space of super important insights: thankyouuuu! My cake this year :D. So I usually take blog pictures on my smartphone and upload them to my notebook but I kind of…left […]

Black Star Pastry

Plenty of times I’ve heard of the phrase ‘worth travelling across town for’. I haven’t felt this way about many things others have talked up; partly because I can’t be bothered with trying to get somewhere I’ve never been using public transport and partly because I think I’ll be left disappointed (yes, I am picky). […]