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Nutty Love Affair

Oh my gawd. I have a permanent-seeming writers’ fog but my little plummy adventures are still getting the odd view here and there. I love you, blogosphere. So quick fill-in to ‘relate to readers on a personal level’, haha too far?  I’ve moved to funky, industrial-chic Rosebery (the concrete jungle with hip cafés and brilliant […]

Ice Cream Equals Happiness

Helloooooo beautiful people! I hope you enjoyed the India post, I put a lot of effort into that one to bring in the new year! Okay I’ll stop boasting, promise. I never mentioned it (I’m spontaneous like that) but I just returned from a month-long trip to Belgium and Turkey! I’d never been to visit […]

French Cookies to Rock Your World.

PRODUCT REVIEW WOO! Did I ever mention I always had this dream that one day I’d either become a competitive eater – of ice cream to be exact – or a taste tester like the people you see in the show Recipe to Riches? What a strange girl I am. I’m going to blame my […]

Chocolate Saves The Day

Sometimes I just want a space to vent, a place where I can scribble down random thoughts and chaotic days. Just so I don’t forget them. A notebook isn’t enough, the paper ageing quicker and more gracefully than my mind ever would. These are the times when the Internet becomes a blessing – because lucky […]

Taste of Sydney 2014

The fact that I haven’t blogged in what seems like forever should have pointed to the fact that a BIG post was coming up. It’s so typical of bloggers to give their readers a clichéd excuse as to why they haven’t been updating but at the end of the day – we are all people […]

Strange Seaweed Snacks. And I’m Back!

Why, hello there! I’m back from India! I have a huge post coming up soon on my weird, wonderful, crazy, phenomenal (every other adjective imagineable) adventure into the land of temples, rickshaws, bucket showers and whatnot. I started work literally a day after I arrived and have not had time to edit and prettify my […]

Product Review: Smith’s Air Popped Potato Snacks

Hi all! Welcome to my blog (if you’re new here) and welcome to a new segment I’ve unimaginatively titled ‘product review’. If you have a better title, feel free to let me know before I dull the spirit of too many visitors. I have noticed a wide range of new, ‘healthier’ snacks from major supermarket […]