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Food Bloggers (Know How to Cook!)

Texting has become the new dialogue. I text waaaay more than I converse with people face to face as the modern world beckons for it. Don’t text back fast enough and we start to think you’re being a total anti-socialite. Ah the irony. So a pal and I were texting about what I thought of […]

What I Eat That Is Yum

I always wanted to do one of those posts on what I actually eat and cook with. Blogs give the illusion that we eat out a lot but really, most of my meals are home-cooked (I can thank reading hundreds of recipes a year for that). Here are some of my go-tos for quick and […]

The Sweet Swap: Battle with the Beijinho

Sweeeeeeeets! After I tried the silly sugar-free diet earlier this year, I uncovered a newfound respect for all things sweet. The subtle sweetness of almond milk in my morning weetbix, the drizzle of Manuka honey on my crispy toast, nature’s sweeteners in a slice of vine-ripened tomato or a plump sweet potato. It’s safe to […]

Velvety Vegetables

Let’s talk about vegetarianism. No wait, veganism. Hold on, what about pescatarianism…oh wait, let’s not forget to mention flexitarianism. If you have an inkling to turn the page, do it now (or hear me out). Living in Australia in the 21st century can be seen as a wonderful thing. We lead relatively (sometimes VERY) comfortable […]

Spring is Calling

Blog inspiration abounds wherever you set foot within a town, city, village or country. I know I’m just writing about food/lifestyle things but I’d like to think I have something different to add to this category of blog. That’s why this post was one of the most challenging so far. You see, I was going […]

Mornings with Muesli

If you haven’t noticed by now, I have a self-confessed obsession with everything muesli. Whether it comes in the form of a highly-processed chocolate-coated bar, as a supermarket cereal, with gourmet flair at a café or simply homemade – I’d happily devour them all, such is my love for toasted oats. My old friend Wikipedia […]

The Power of Culture (the yoghurt kind)

Only 3 days until Christmas! I’m sure everyone is fretting over defrosting their turkey, buying the richest, densest Christmas pudding (or heart-attack on a plate!), baking spiced cookies and whatnot. So I thought a refreshing post would be appropriate! That’s right, I’m talking about yoghurt! It’s such a wonderful natural product and is such a […]