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I Cho Cho San You

Hello lovely humans. Welcome to my space of the interwebs I’m too lazy to post regularly on. That’s the one sentence I feel that all bloggers – no matter how many followers, posts per week or motivation to write on a constant basis – should let their readers know. Of course, there’s also overdoing it. […]

Protein Schmotein!

My favourite kind of post: product reviews! I think I hit a jackpot when I discovered the joys of posting on my favourite products and rating them. It almost makes criticising something seem like a nice thing to do. Well, kind of. But you’re here to find out about a protein bar that is definitely […]


Hiya! Thanks for visiting The Hungry Plum, I do hope you discover something new on this blog, whether it be a local foodie haunt, Sydney’s cheap eats, food-related whatnot or the odd lifestyle-related post. I read a huge variety of Sydney-based and international food blogs myself and know how competitive this realm is on the […]