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Just Chicken. Or More?

It’s a chicken shop people – just a chicken shop! But most will agree it’s so much more. So why the fuss? Amazing garlic sauce you say? Crispy-skinned charred chicken you say? Chicken shops aren’t usually all that exciting and don’t have crazy ass lines running up and down the store but ask anyone about […]

Asian Bakery Love: Reignited

I remember the time when Asian bakery chains like Breadtop and Barby’s started luring people into their brightly-lit stores. I was probably mid-way through high school and I have fond memories of mum bringing home soft, sweet and über moist Japanese bread buns. She was even adventurous enough to buy some taro buns once (this […]

OzHarvest: Feeding the 5000

A lot of planning goes into an event that involves the feeding of 5000 hungry city people within a period of 2 hours. The generous folk at OzHarvest shared their love of ‘rescued’ fruit and veg on a bright Monday afternoon with quite a successful lunchtime event. I found out about their plans much earlier […]

Birthday Cake Appreciation

Hey there! I’m glad to see that although I haven’t posted in a while (I’ll get to that soon), there is still traffic on my teensy space of super important insights: thankyouuuu! My cake this year :D. So I usually take blog pictures on my smartphone and upload them to my notebook but I kind of…left […]

Café Sopra @ Fratelli Fresh

Café Sopra is a little touch of Italy hidden amongst the trendy cafés of Danks St, Waterloo. To get to it you must first walk through the gourmet wholesale heaven that is Fratelli Fresh. The produce is certainly what it claims to be, and the glistening fruits and vegetables are all lined up perfectly side […]