On going loco for coconut macaroons.

Bonjour bitcheeeez. How are we going with resolutions? You don’t wanna go there? Okay, I’ll do the honours. Do more fitness in any shape or form. Firstly, I’m laughing out loud on how silly I sound when I tell myself to do things. It’s like I know that my mind will be making excuses so I give myself leeway with the word ‘any’. Haha, the fitness I do involves handing out flyers in random suburbs around Sydney for the startup I work at (have a look here, very cool concept). Next is dedicate real time and energy to French. Eva seriously girl, what is the difference between ‘real’ and ‘fake’ time? THAT ISN’T A THING WOMAN WHAT THE HELL?! Aw lawdy, let’s stop now, clearly I’m a lazy person who doesn’t get the concept of resolutions.

Something I’m definitely sticking to is putting myself out there for more freelance work. You see, copywriting is kinda my jam and I’ve put it off for quite some time because IBS came along and halted my foodie journo dreams BUT I’m still writing for a few restaurants and cafes in Sydney and have just signed to write for a new mafia-themed bar’s Instagram (more on that later when they launch!). Very exciting stuff. Health wise, I’m still forking out my life savings on curing/healing my goddamn gut but it’s a stubborn hoe and it’s a long process of recovery. I’ll get there though.

When I did blog regularly, one of your fave things seemed to be product reviews so we’re bringing this back! Here we go y’all.

Does anyone use iherb.com? iHerb is AMAZING for literally any supplement, cookie, muesli bar, cereal, gluten-free product, niche American candy, peanut butter etc etc known to man. You can find all sorts of cheap and wonderful goodies on here. Last year, I discovered the most addictive coconut snack and I’ve been ordering it (with a hefty shipping fee) ever since. Coconut-flavoured things are so enticing to my tastebuds, I don’t know what it is but coconut ice, lamingtons, coconut cream, roasted coconut chips (omg these are the shit, please go buy a pack now and see for yourself) are my drug. Okay chocolate and burgers as well, but you get me interwebs don’t you?

Here’s the verdict:

Name: Jennie’s All Natural Gluten Free Coconut Macaroons (RRP $5)



  • Wheat/gluten/dairy/lactose/soy/sulfite/yeast/trans fat free (helloooo American marketing..)
  • Not lying when they say ‘all natural’, no artificial anything
  • 65 calories each, serving size is 2 pieces at 7g fat and 15g sugar all up



I’m thoroughly obsessed with these, they’re soft, slightly juicy even from the desiccated coconut and sugar, and very moreish. But they’re also extremely sweet so you might want to stop at one anyway (yay portion control lol). I can’t though, I’m a sucker for them. A very well deserved 4 out of 5 considering the sweet, coconutty flavour and really interesting texture.



Now go check out iHerb…secretly hoping they sponsor me or something one day.


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