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Re: Living Up to Hype

Rarely do I ever dine at an eatery I know nothing about. Call me over-the-top but there’s no point in being spontaneous when it means there’s a waiter who often dismisses customers with kids or an overbearing chatty owner or the music is too loud and so on and so forth – I know you […]

The Curse of the Birthday 

Do you know of the birthday curse? No? Let me fill you in. This ominous curse, usually attached to oneself from birth, refers to the unfortunate events that occur to some that would NEVER happen on any other day but one’s day of birth. I have this curse and aside from one or two birthday […]

Black Star Pastry

Plenty of times I’ve heard of the phrase ‘worth travelling across town for’. I haven’t felt this way about many things others have talked up; partly because I can’t be bothered with trying to get somewhere I’ve never been using public transport and partly because I think I’ll be left disappointed (yes, I am picky). […]