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The Lord Gladstone Hotel

Have I ever mentioned I absolutely despise food ‘trends’ (this you might know..) and will do anything in my power to avoid succumbing to them? I got into macarons six months too late, a freak shake is bloody beautiful to look at but would be a nightmare to eat and no thanks, I’m not forking […]

Asian Bakery Love: Reignited

I remember the time when Asian bakery chains like Breadtop and Barby’s started luring people into their brightly-lit stores. I was probably mid-way through high school and I have fond memories of mum bringing home soft, sweet and über moist Japanese bread buns. She was even adventurous enough to buy some taro buns once (this […]

Project 8 Café (Closed)

Project 8 is truly a character of a café; it’s cosy, dark, mysterious but cheerful all at once. This is probably due to its many nooks and crannies you’ll only discover if you revisit this European-inspired space more than once. The graffiti-inspired shopfront is a theme which you’ll be reminded of if you choose to […]

Malacca Straits on Broadway

When you find a rare treasure, you laugh gleefully at your luck. You also keep it hidden until you can no longer contain yourself and finally share it with other beings (cruel human nature!). Malacca Straits is one of those places you’ll never get sick of and never be let down by. It’s a beautiful little […]